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exokernel.rar - Exokernel Architecture.

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xsgl.rar - 学生成绩管理,新建数据,添加数据,删除数据,排序,查询,统计合格人数。 - 一个80x86 BIOS 的汇编源代码.
sap_latest.tar.gz - This is 8-bit microprocessor with 5 instructions. It is based on 8080 architecture. This architecture called SAP for Simple-As-Possible computer. It very useful design which introduces most of the basic and fundamental ideas behind computer operation. This design could be used for instruction classes for undergraduate classes or specific VHDL classes. This processor is based on the 8080 architecture, therefore, it could be upgraded step by step to integrate further facilities. It is very exciting challenge for the students to do so. Further, they could think about building complete system, i.e. integrating and I/O peripherals to the processor.
ComputerSystemArchitecture.rar - 麻省理工学院的《Computer System Architecture》 - ACPI CA Source Code for Windows - BIOS方面ACPI 5.1 SPEC.适合开发BIOS的人。
ACPI.rar - 读取ACPI table,bios开发学习必须写的小程序!!功能类似RU
_EN_CODE.rar - award bios en_code 解压代码
APCInjection.rar - Windows APCInjection 进程注入 Usage: APCInjection.exe [process name]
InjectDLL.rar - Usage: injectdll.exe [process name] [dll path] [option number] option 1 - CreateRemoteThread option 2 - NtCreateThreadEx option 3 - RtlCreateUserThread - 锁相环VHDL代码,仅供学习 锁相环通常由鉴相器(PD,Phase Detector)、环路滤波器(LF,Loop Filter)和压控振荡器(VCO,Voltage Controlled Oscillator)三部分组成,锁相环组成的原理框图
exokernel.rar - Exokernel Architecture.