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Introduction to Welly.rar - Introduction to Welly package for well log data analysis - Jupyter notebook
Seismic-Shot gather.rar - This is a Seismic shot gather data created at the Geophysics Lab, College of Engineering, University of Tehran you can read it with the attached code from CREWES
AGC.rar - Here is an AGC code for seismic data
PGC.rar - Here is a simple PGC code for seismic data
fk_filter.rar - Here is a simple f-k code for seismic ground roll denoising

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S-transform.rar - S变换源程序,S变换源程序,S变换源程序,
新建文件夹.zip - 最为改进的CEEMDAN算法,有去噪,分离信号功能。