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Section 5 - Multiple Linear - multiple linear regression using python
RF MEMS Capacitive - Full view on RF MEMS capacitive switch
image - image encryption using matlab
OLA & - matlab code to execute OLA and OLS algorithm FFT - matlab code for OCR image to text

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BlowfishEncryption.rar - Blowfish Algorithm is a Feistel Network, iterating a simple encryption function 16 times. The block size is 64 bits, and the key can be any length up to 448 bits. Although there is a complex initialization phase required before any encryption can take place, the actual encryption of data is very efficient on large microprocessors. Blowfish is a variable-length key block cipher. It is suitable for applications where the key does not change often, like a communications link or an automatic file encryptor. It is significantly faster than most encryption algorithms when implemented on 32-bit microprocessors with large data caches. - blowfis and ecb encription - Blowfish Encryption:New method of Encrypting data.. New form of DES
blowfish.rar - blowfish algorithm for encryption - des code...matlab code..of simple des code ita very simple for 8-bit input its encryption technique