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Upload log: - Tutorial on basics of digital communications. Interesting knowledge. Source: tutorialspoint

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LDPC.rar - 此为LDPC码的完整的编译码的MATLAB源代码。可用于通信系统的编码仿真,非常方便。
Monte-Carlo-simulation.rar - The code provides the log-sum decoding algorithm of LDPC a (3, 6) LDPC code when the interchanged messages are noisy.
ldpc_encode-decode.rar - 基于gf(q)的ldpc编译码程序 matlab - 低密度码信道编译码算法,程序有信道模拟,matlab语言实现,主要研究规则低密度码
LDPC-all.RAR - 有关低密度奇偶校验码的一些matlab仿真程序
MatlabprogrammsforencodinganddecodingofLDPCcodesov - There is an example of how to use the LDPC encode/decode with AWGN channel model in files .\ldpc_decode.m and .\GFq\ldpc_decode.m. There are a few parity check matrices available in the code but you can use other matrices provided you have enough memory to load them. I suggest checking out matrices in Alist format available on David MacKay s web site.You will need to have access to a MEX compiler to be able to use a few functions written in C. LDPC的仿真代码
huff.rar - huffman codeing in matlab gui - LDPC codes simulation
decode.rar - program simulation LDPC codes by matlab
ldpc-bp.rar - LDPC码经典BP译码程序,Matlab环境下,可运行成功
LDPC(matlab).zip - LDPC codes .Using the matlab.
LDPC.rar - 低密度校验码(LDPC)编码解码matlab源程序 - LDPC低密度奇偶校验码的演示程序包,适合初学者使用