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TestFeeders_Visualization&Annimation.zip - Test feeder animation and visualization
SolarAnywhereData-sample-CSV-file.zip - A solar irradiance data
Windows Loader_2.rar - It will help to activate windows
Windows_7_Enterprise_Downgrade_by_MP7000.zip - This will help you to downgrade windows without losing any file installed on it
softwareFzzy.zip - This is a fuzzy logic toolbox

Download log:
NSGA-II.rar - this file is optimal sizing component DG by using algorithm GA
DG-of-POSITION-AND-CAPACITY.rar - 本程序用于求解以网损、电压偏差、投资运行费用最小为目标的配电网分布式能源选址定容问题,并辅以相关文献。
DG_PSO.zip - 利用PSO算法求解分布式电源的选址定容问题,并考虑了分布式电源的随机性
1.rar - A Particle Swarm Optimization Based Approach for Optimal Sizing of Stand-alone Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
optimal placement and sizing of DG.rar - optimal placement and sizing
backwardforward.zip - backward forward sweep method for radial distribution system