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Hvac Water Chillers And Cooling Towers.rar - There are two fundamental types of HVAC systems designed to satisfy building cooling requirements: direct expansion (DX) systems, in which there is direct heat exchange between the building air and the refrigerant, and secondary refrigerant systems that utilize chilled water as an intermediate heat exchange medium to transfer heat from the building air to the refrigerant.
HVAC Systems Design Handbook.rar - The basic manual of HVAC design is designed and studied by application engineers or students. It introduces the steps and processes of HVAC design in detail.
HVAC Building Services Calculations 2007.rar - The first edition of this publication was produced by BSRIA as part of a contract placed by the Department of Trade & Industry and funded by the DTI, BSRIA membership and industry partners.
Building Services Engineering.rar - Building Services Engineering fourth edition is an update and expansion to include web site learning resources. Manual of building mechanical and electrical engineering for engineer design and maintenance - Tencent Conference - based on Tencent's 21 years of experience in audio and video communication, Tencent conference provides a one-stop cloud conference solution to meet the online conference demand of enterprise remote communication, supports mobile / tablet / PC multi device end, shares high-definition desktop, online document capability, high-definition, smooth, convenient, safe and reliable, so that you can meet the conference efficiently anytime, anywhere, and in all aspects under different scenarios Demand.

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NISTRefprop9.1.zip - refprop9.1是一款用于制冷剂物性查询软件,可用于工质参数的调用