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BST Practive.rar - Binary Search Tree Implementation
ITC Lect 03 [Computer Hardware].rar - Introdcution to computer hardware
ITC Lect 02 [Computer Components] (1).rar - Intro to computing components
ITC Lect 01 [Introduction].rar - intro to the programming language C ++
Mid_Term_Practice_Questions.rar - Introduction to programming practice question
ITC Lect 12 [Functions-I].rar - Introduction to Functions slide 1
Types of RAM and History of Internet.rar - Types of rams and their advantages
Even with while.rar - find even numbers using while loop
Area of circle.rar - Easy assignment work done by me. Project code using object orientation.
HW4_2018365_2018076.rar - Basic af trie implementation needs some work.
HW3_2018365_2018076.rar - Easy Polynomial adder using File handling - Easy assignment work done by me. Assignment= graph implementation

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8Puzzle.rar - 我编写的8数码游戏,可实现人工求解和自动求解。人工求解时可以手动设置初始状态、目标状态,也可以随机生成初始状态,还可以避免无解。自动求解算法包括:DFS、BFS、A*1和A*2。并且有详细的课件。 - 8Puzzle Consola, Resuelve aautomatico - Game 8 puzzle Game 8 puzzle Game 8 puzzle Game 8 puzzle Game 8 puzzle
8puzzle.rar - 求解八数码难题,用广度优先得最优解。用Visual c++6.0编译运行。
EightPuzzle.rar - Solve the 8-puzzle problem using A * algorithme. Input: Program reads start state and goal state and heuristic (N or S) from EightPuzzle.INP file.0 representing blank. There are 2 Heuristic: 1. N: Number of misplaced tiles 2. S: Sum of Manhattan distance of current location and target location. Format: The first line write type of heuristic (N or S). Next is the status of departing and landing status. Between 2 states of 1 line blank. See examples EightPuzzle.INP
3x3solver.rar - 8 puzzle solver enter inital status and goal status. - It s a 8-puzzle agme ^.^ - 8数码难题求解,3*3矩阵,输入初始状态和最终状态,编译运行观察运动步骤。
8-puzzle-genetic.rar - It s simple implementation of Genetic Algorithm on 8-puzzle and as result it can say either there is or not a set of movement to go from initial state to a given final state.