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Джилба.rar - An example of gilb based metrics on OOP
ЗИ вариант 11.rar - Exemple analiz AES and TripleDes and DES
Защита информации.rar - Analiz shifra AES, RC6 and fishrock
Desktop.rar - Decision making method
Цикл 4.rar - Loop example do while on languge c++
ExampleDataStructureLibrary.rar - Example of various data structures
Lab3.rar - Cliper Pleifera on c++
Log.rar - Enu lab on lisp, erlang and R
Gronsfeld.rar - cipher Gronfelda on c++
ТРППлабы.rar - Caulculator on PHP in 2019

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DSA_mmm.rar - 加密算法DSA之源代码及其实现原理,容易理解
kenel_crypto.rar - 内核加解密算法 加解密函数库及其使用说明,详见附件。 find_cipher_by_name中参数ciphername可取的值为下面的组合,对应不同的模式: (des,des_ede3,aes,blowfish,cast5,dfc,idea,mars,rc5,rc6,serpent,twofish)-ecb (des,des_ede3,aes,blowfish,cast5,dfc,idea,mars,rc5,rc6,serpent,twofish)-cbc (des,des_ede3,aes,blowfish,cast5,dfc,idea,mars,rc6,serpent,twofish)-cfb struct cipher_implementation* ci中对应的可调用的method:encrypt_iv decrypt_iv encrypt decrypt 比如以des-cbc为find_cipher_by_name的参数得到的ci调用encrypt_iv,decrypt_iv. find_digest_by_name中参数digestname可取的值: sha1 md5 struct digest_implementation* di中对应的可调用的method:open update digest close hmac 计算digest时调用di->digest,计算hmac时调用di->hmac. 注意:加载我们需要的cipher-*.o和digest-*.o之前需先加载cryptoapi.o。
DES algorithm.rar - 1、掌握典型的分组密码算法(如DES、AES、IDEA、SERPENT等)加、解密原理; 2、能够编写程序实现算法的加、解密。 - IDEA加密解密 包含对文件的加密解密 使用方法文件中有说明
IDEA加密算法代码.rar - IDEA加密算法属于数据块加密算法(Block Cipher)类。IDEA使用长度为128bit的密钥,数据块大小为64bit。 - idea 加减密算法 idea加减密算法
Csharp.rar - c#编程思想c#编程思想c#编程思想c#编程思想c#编程思想c#编程思想
idea加密算法.rar - idea加密算法 一个采用 idea算法的加密算法
IDEA.rar - IDEA算法。很实用,也很难找的到。
idea.rar - idea加密解密源码,在VC6中创建一个控制台项目,可以编译。
IDEA.rar - 这个是IDEA加密算法的源代码(C语言版本)
IDEA.rar - IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) Data Encryption Algorithm by famous Chinese scholars and password Jiaboshi experts James L. Massey in 1990 jointly proposed. As a block cipher designed a wonderful work, IDEA algorithm has strong anti-attack capability. Because encryption PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software showed a very high security, and IDEA is the actual text of PGP encryption algorithm, the introduction of direct attacks to decrypt law, the text of PGP IDEA is the first line of defense. From the safety analysis of the IDEA-differential cryptanalysis capacity is far higher than double DES. Description: After the compiler plugin DLL files Add cf1127 \ features \ folder, double-click CalculationFactory.exe, click "formula / toolbox", and pressed buttons, "toolbox" tab, and can be read Plug-in tools to. The remaining nine folder contains different projects, all compiled into class library, which is calculated factory plug-in DLL files.