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Upload log: - Ostu分割方法实现 根据原理编写Ostu程序,对cameraman灰度图片进行分割;并对获得的前景与背景,分别再进行一次分割;

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zig_zag_Scan.rar - 实现 zig-zag 扫描,并且进行 Huffman 编码.对数字图像进行处理的一部分步骤。 - 对于哈夫曼编码的仿真,可以计算平均码长、熵、压缩比、编码效率 - DCT and IDCT code in matlab.
dct_code.rar - DCT编码mtalab程序,其中用到matlab的图像编码模块以及一些常用的算法程序
DCT-and-iDCT.rar - 一个简单的图像DCT变换和反DCT变换 没有注释 - to understand the Algorithm go to matlab help in page dct2 and idct2 to get the mathematical expression for M = N = 8, we can calculate the most of hard values and save it as LUTs to speed up the execution now compare our special 8X8 functions with the internal general functions use this code: A = int32(100*rand(8,8)) tic for i = 1 : 1000 IDCT_8X8(DCT_8X8(A)) end toc tic for i = 1 : 1000 idct2(dct2(A)) end toc i had built the general functions too, but with low speed
DCT_and_IDCT_for_image.rar - dct and idct for image.matlab实现信息序列的嵌入和提取