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new folder.rar - this program is good for visible light communication
Nouveau dossier.rar - this program is about visible light communication

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source.zip - 2DPSK的matlab仿真,凑字数凑字数凑字数凑字数凑字数!
07304388.rar - We present a novel beamforming technique for multi-user indoor wireless communications called regularized time-reversal (RTR). A comparison with other time-reversal techniques is provided with respect to bit error rate and spatial focusing performance in mm-wave massive MIMO systems. We verify that the proposed technique can be used for space-division multiple access in such scenarios.
DOA-in-MIMO--radar.zip - 仿真实现了MIMO雷达空间谱估计,应用了Capon算法和MUSIC算法,并对两种算法下的角度估计性能进行了对比仿真
3093421subspace_mimo2.rar - mimo-ofdm系统仿真,输出仿真图,信道脉冲响应实部虚部随信噪比变化时的改变图
60-GHz.rar - 在60GHz信道下的大规模MIMO误比特率模拟 使用时先执行startup.m
29782196BER_QPSK.rar - 误比特率的应用在qpsk正交啥啥啥 在mimo无线通信中的仿真应用
MAssive-MIMO.zip - MAssive MiMO in which it shows its performance in terms of BER
massive-MIMO-hardware-impairments-master.zip - massive MIMO hardware impairments master
Massive-MIMO.rar - massive MIMO matlab code
MIMOsys.zip - 光通信中用到的MIMO技术,本人本科毕设用到。肯定能用
Ergodic_Capacity_vs_SNR.zip - mimo-ofdm系统中不同天线配置下的信道遍历容量
Ergodic_Capacity_vs_SNR.zip - MIMO信道容量分析,分析不同信噪比情况下信道容量的变化及收发天线数的变化对信道容量的影响。
stbcall.m.zip - tgrr ygggggggggggg ytttttt Space time block coding (STBC) and beamforming techniques are two emerging technologies that can be employed at base station with multiple antenna to provide transmit diversity and beamforming gain to increase signal-to- noise ratio (SNR) of the downlink. STBC utilizes a diversity antenna system where the antenna spacing is usually required to be large enough, say 10 times wavelength of the carrier for a uniform linear array (ULA) in small angular spread environments, to obtain low-correlation/independent fading channels. While the beamforming antenna needs to achieve spatial directivity and the signals received at and/or transmitted from all antennas must be correlated or coherent. So the antenna spacing should usually be very small, e.g. half wavelength for ULA.
TELE - 753 Wireless Communications.zip - This course provides advanced knowledge of wideband wireless communication techniques. It include the areas of diversity: Time diversity, Space diversity, Frequency TELE9753 Advanced Wireless Communications 2 diversity; Wideband CDMA systems, Wideband OFDM systems, antenna arrays, MIMO channel modeling in the angular domain and statistical models, smart antennas techniques, multiple-input/multiple-output communications systems, spatial multiplexing, space-time processing and coding; and multiuser detection and receiver designs, multiple access and interference management, opportunistic communication, multiuser water filling.
ACO.zip - 光通信中采用OFDM时,信号必须为非负实信号,因此通常采用DCO-OFDM或ACO-OFDM技术,此代码为ACO-OFDM
Flip-OFDM-for-Optical-Wireless-Communications.zip - Flip-OFDM for Optical Wireless Communications
MIMO-OFDM-Simulator.zip -  多输入多输出正交分频多工模拟器。      正交分频多工:OFDM模拟器(外层函数)         create_channel:产生一个瑞利衰落信道复用,解的天线配置、正交分频多工结构、power-delay档案。         svd_decompose_channel:既然全网络知识是假设,在并行传输奇异值模式。这个函数分解这些频道模式。         BitLoad:适用bit-loading算法来实现预期的钻头和能量
DCO-OFDM.rar - DCOOFDM系统仿真,非常好用的程序,值得推荐
mine.zip - aco-ofdm and dco-ofdm in an optical systems
DCOOFDM-(1).zip - 无线光通信中的DCO ofdm 的接受检测代码