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user-manual-2545270.zip - Cinterion EHS5-e Manual
EHS5-E-AT-Command-Set-V03.001-19.02.2015.zip - AT command manual for 3G modem CINTERION EHS5-E
REST-API-SENSOR.zip - Simple code to create a Restful API with flask.
MQTTClient.zip - Simple code to create a MQTT client in python, this one comunicated with a probe i have.

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Rhino.rar - Rhino is good for 3D Modeling the user can use it for improve ur skill
eagle.9.6.1.win64-patch_V1.0.rar - PCB软件Autodesk Eagle 9.6.1 windows 64位版本 破解补丁
eagle.9.3.2.linux-patch_V1.0.rar - PCB软件Autodesk Eagle 9.3.2 Linux 版本 破解补丁
eagle.9.2.2.linux-patch_V1.0.rar - PCB软件Autodesk Eagle Professional 9.2.2 linux版本 破解补丁 补充:无病毒,爱信不信 操作方法请看补丁说明