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Upload log: - multiantenna of massive mimo - new look at multi-input multi-output - massive Multiinput multioutput - Two-way Relaying under the Presence of Relay Transceiver Hardware Impairments - Massive MIMO with Multi-Antenna Users: When are Additional User Antennas Beneficial - On the impact of transceiver impairments on AF relaying - multiobjective of multiple input multiple output - massive multiple-input multiple output

Download log: - 在多用户mimo中,如何进行功率分配是一个难题,住水算法则是在已知csi条件下使系统性能达到最好的一个算法
capacity_mimo_nocsi.rar - simulation capacity without CSI transmitter
STTC.rar - MIMO-MIMO STTC编码的程序 分层空时编码
space_time_coding.rar - application of space-time code in mimo communication - 卷积码代码,可以再MIMO和OFDM中使用,用于做子程序 - This paper studies the ergodic capacity limits of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna systems with arbitrary finite number of antennas operating on general fading environments. Through the use of majorization theory, we first investigate in detail the ergodic capacity of Nakagami-m fading channels,
STBC.rar - stbc under different modulation and demodulation methods including 4psk,8psk,16qam
stc_matlab_codes.rar - 空时编码的matlab仿真程序,其中包括almouti,空时分组码仿真,空时格行码的设计仿真,不同信噪比下的比较,码长天线数的比较 - simulate the STBC code for mimo system
STBC_sim.rar - MIMO script for STBC simulation
LDPC_and_Convolutional_codes1.rar - WiMAX is called worldwide interoperability for microwave access. This is one of the methods of wireless communication standard named under IEEE 802.16 standard. In this technique, simulation of the WiMAX system is performed under different channel conditions. The same system is simulated in two different scenarios. In the first scenario, the system is made work under LDPC encoding and LDPC decoding method of channel coding. In the second scenario, the system is made to work under OSTBC encoder and OSTBC combiner (encoder) of MIMO. The performance of the system is s studied and compared under LDPC and MIMO encoder and decoder techniques.
BER.rar - 多输入多输出(MIMO)系统中LDPC-STBC级联编码算法 - 有关MIMO技术与LDPC技术的,希望能把他们合起来。 - Using BPSK modulation scheme,in MIMO system, alamouti code & both OSTB code for a rayleigh fading channel . for 2*1, 2*2, for 4*4, for 8*8
DPC-2x2-4x4.rar - this is our project with MU-MIMO DPC
MIMOchannel-matlab.rar - mimo信道模型、信道容量、编码等多方面的MATLAB仿真。是个不错的学习mimo仿真的资料。
mimo-STTC-code.rar - 空时网格编码 this section, we show simulation results pertaining to the performance of STTC on Rayleigh fading channels.
golden_code.rar - 该文档描述了应用于2X2的MIMO系统下的Golden Code的具体原理和性能分析 - 肖扬书中mimo LDPC 的仿真程序,通过。
STBC_sim.rar - STBC scheme for mimo diversity