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netsim_pre1.tar.gz - network simulator for windows
vanet_released.zip - VANET Security and authentication

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wsn.tcl.zip - wsn .tcl is genetare the cluster head selection
EAMMH-master.zip - NS2中一种新的协议移植代码,包括源文件和头文件5个相关EAMMH协议文件,路由协议为EAMMH。
vanet-vap-code-90.zip - vanet vap code Pervasive computing refers to the emerging trend toward numerous, easily accessible computing devices connected to an increasingly ubiquitous network infrastructure. Various areas like sensing the environment and Actuating, Human Computer Interaction, Security and Privacy and Networking and Distributed Systems, contribute to the Pervasive Computing Environment. This project contributes to the Networks aspect of Pervasive Computing.
VAN.rar - Implementation of beacons control bulk data dissemination protocol in vehicular adhoc network
vanet_Skeleton_for_NS-2.rar - 基于NS-2的车辆Ad Hoc网络(VANET)的一个应用层协议框架,包含了代码和pdf说明文档
vntest.rar - an example of VANETRBC
struc-result.rar - structural result for combined user authentication and intrusion detection in high security manet
ns2pgmmodel.zip - tcl code for cluster formation in ns2
vanet-security.zip - security in vanets issues
vanet.zip - This is the simulation file VANET in sumo and move software. This simulation is run under ubuntu 12.14 . This simulation with 50 vehicle in 5 junction
PFM - Barcelona.rar - Documentation for vanets simulation// omnet++
vanet_released.zip - VANET Security and authentication
urban-VANET-example.zip - TCL script of Realistic VANET scenario of downtown Malaga 4