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GearVR-Positional-Tracking-master.zip - Currently, ARCore is still in beta. This means that this project only work using the Samsung S8 and latest GearVR. In order to get positional tracking, the camera must be exposed and your environment must be well lit and have a wide number of features to detect. As such, this project will NOT work on Daydream. However, you may be able to get this to work on Google Cardboard with a headset that exposes the camera.
ShuffleNet-master.zip - ShuffleNet in PyTorch
lbcnn.torch-master.zip - We propose local binary convolution (LBC), an efficient alternative to convolutional layers in standard convolutional neural networks (CNN). The design principles of LBC are motivated by local binary patterns (LBP). The LBC layer comprises of a set of fixed sparse pre-defined binary convolutional filters that are not updated during the training process, a non-linear activation function and a set of learnable linear weights. The linear weights combine the activated filter responses to approximate the corresponding activated filter responses of a standard convolutional layer. The LBC layer affords significant parameter savings, 9x to 169x in the number of learnable parameters compared to a standard convolutional layer
mx-maskrcnn-master.zip - 我们提出了一个简单、灵活和通用的对象实例分割框架。我们的方法能有效检测图像中的对象,同时为每个实例生成高质量的 segmentation mask。这种被称为 Mask R-CNN 的方法通过添加用于预测 object mask 的分支来扩展 Faster R-CNN,该分支与用于边界框识别的现有分支并行。Mask R-CNN 训练简单,只需在以 5fps 运行的 Faster R-CNN 之上增加一个较小的 overhead。此外,Mask R-CNN 很容易推广到其他任务,例如它可以允许同一个框架中进行姿态估计。我们在 COCO 系列挑战的三个轨道任务中均取得了最佳成果,包括实例分割、边界对象检测和人关键点检测。没有任何 tricks,Mask R-CNN 的表现优于所有现有的单一模型取得的成绩,包括 COCO 2016 挑战赛的冠军。
Code.zip - 论文 you are how you move的开源代码

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wicapture.rar - 利用wifi信号进行精准的定位,mit代码