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Lab3-5-1 SD_Card.zip - Interrupt the program, this is a problem to communicate.
Lab6-5-2 WAV_Play_8b_8k.zip - wav, as you can see,
Lab5-1-1 LED.zip - LED, as you can see,
Lab3-5-2 墨水屏.zip - The ink screen, as you can see,
Lab3-3-2 看门狗中断.zip - It's all compiled by CCS software. This is a timer routine.
Lab3-1-2 GPIO.zip - You can take a look at gpio's stuff. Msp430f5529's are all.
Lab3-8-1 ADC - 副本.zip - What adc measures, you can see that there are good things to share with hh.

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