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applemenus.rar - JQuery dynamic navigation menus, ICONS, similar to the style of apple's site, the mouse on a cool effect, especially when the mouse slip in turn each menu item, the time is really cool, apple's website with several years' worth of the menu.
TaskMenu.rar - A professional background of folding/unfolding shall apply to the administration menu, TaskMenu menu contains sample code, see the screenshot demonstration effect, very nice menu?TaskMenu 3.0 features:
yiqipic.rar - Auto enterprise website three screen Flash focus effects, note: text effects is do it in the picture, at most, only support 3 screen image rotation.The mouse on the picture, the picture to the right or left slid open, showing all of the pictures, the picture of the slide switch effects.
CalendarWapp.rar - VB desktop wallpaper calendar program, desktop calendar generator, in the image above to generate a transparent calendar, small software for some desktop wallpaper.
PrinterInfo.rar - A VB code print preview program that demonstrates how to print content in VB6.0 by use environment, preview and print effect, simple for VB print preview, test example code, VisualBasic6.0 print preview code.
Office2003Button.rar - VB to achieve similar Office interface style button, button on the toolbar is very beautiful, blue gradient effect, and Microsoft Office2003 interface is similar to the style, the code without using controls, can be directly compiled under in VB6.0 by use of source code.
custompaper.rar - Examples of VB defined when printing paper size, you can add custom paper, remove the paper, the test print direction (horizontal and vertical) or the change, call and printer Settings dialog window, etc., know about VB beginner VB print knowledge skills or helpful.
Serialize.rar - VC to write software information in the registry, a mature software is impossible not to operate the registry, the registry is a database system to find the software information, if the database to read and write operation information, maybe you'll find the answer from the VC in the code.
daypay.rar - VC account Access database edition version of the program, but some of the daily cost to register management, understand the purpose of the own accounts, this program is suitable for the VC personal finance account.
snake.rar - VC new handwritten snake game, the interface and function are rough, hopes to be helpful for beginners.Actually write through this little game, you will learn a lot of things has nothing to do with the game, this is the process of learning to program a raise, procedure is not simple and complex, the key is the result of you don't know how much you can get behind.
YPH.rar - C computer hard disk serial number, detect the hard disk serial number, and in the form of a pop-up window to display to return the result.
eims_cms.rar - Eims_cms enterprise website system, running on ASP/ACCESS platform, suitable for general companies set up the enterprise image, product display stand.Built-in module: company introduction, product center, news, case displaying, data download, the message feedback, the background is the front desk management function module.Eims_cms enterprise website system backstage management directory: admin
tyqywzglxt.rar - ASP general enterprise website management system, very beautiful an ASP website site system, description of back-office functions: user comments, product channels, news channels, corporate video, chain management, sharing function, single page management, enterprise case, prevent SQL injection, generate HTML, and other functions.
qwbm_book.rar - Mountain walker message source USES asp access data structure, system features:
Xiao5u_Customer.rar - School all CRM customer information management system, suitable for enterprises, companies, education and training institutions, enterprises and institutions...School all CRM customer information management system function main functions:
jrcms.rar - Giant ASP site management system, the system program is as follows: site announcements, about us, news, product exhibition, marketing network, success stories, online order, online messages, talent recruitment, contact us
bounceMenu.rar - A few animation Flash menu and MXP components, all in response to the mouse movements, mouse animation, dynamic Flash menu, slide the mouse on the menu, the menu background will change, some animation buffer effect.
dropMenu.rar - Flash with gradient effects of multilevel menu, the menu also conducted with fade fade in the gradient effects, including Fla source file, the level of vertical and horizontal dropdown menu to the right of each a menu, like the drop-down has, menu effect is very smooth, the source file integrity.
DescriptionPaneAS3.rar - Based on AS3 scripts for Flash player source code files, blue style, broadcast format is unknown, is there any people like?
ThumbnailGallery.rar - Flash from external load thumbnail image example, the test cases will call foreign images in a web site, may be the site have failed, you can modify the XML configuration file, calls the address to your own, there are many calls the method and example of screenshot demo is just one of them.
MediaListAS2.rar - Flash AS function of playlist using script technology: Flash ActionScript 2.0, this script familiar is easy to get started, this effect can be used in based on Flash player.

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encryption.rar - 完整的图像加密算法以及对此算法加密结果的性能分析:像素之间相关性,图像的信息熵,以及NPCR,UACI
surf2stl.zip - 将MATLAB中绘制的二维曲面导出为stp格式,以在机械软件中打开进行操作
雪景2.rar - 雪景,雪花漫天飞舞
UKFfiter.zip - UKF无迹卡尔曼滤波算法用于状态参数估计,测试可用
四叉树剖分LOD Terrain.rar - 四叉树剖分地归算法Terrain示例(仅仅算法实现)
thinning.rar - 细化,绝对管用,效果特别好特别好,是我自己一句一句写的,基于zhang算法细化,希望会大家有帮助,希望大家多多交流
TrainTicket.rar - 一个简单的火车票查询系统,也可以维护数据库。使用VC6.0开发,MFC框架,Access数据库,ADO连接方式。
surf1.zip - 计算自由曲面透镜的轮廓坐标点,得到坐标点后导入solidworks等建模软件可以得到透镜模型。
模拟退火遗传算法程序.rar - 模拟退火遗传混合算法,求解NP-HARD问题
...or_Ant_colony_system.pdf.zip - 基于蚁群算法的光伏电池的最大功率点跟踪,新颖有创新性
MTRD.rar - 机载SAR的动目标成像算法,动目标RD算法
ThePulse-detectingInstrumentBasedonUSBInterface.ra - 基于USB接口的脉搏检测仪本文设计该检测仪由硬件和软件两部分组成硬件电路包括数采集电路放大滤波电路控制电路及电源电路
ship_image1.zip - 分析仿真舰船目标散射点在不同初始相位下的慢时间多普勒历程
exp.zip - 热血江湖的1级到170级的升级经验表。
拼地图.rar - FLASH 拼地图游戏(中国地图语音版)
esmd-master.zip - esmd算法,可用于很多领域,这是自己下载该改的程序
yiqunyichuanliziqun.rar - 遗传算法、蚁群算法、粒子群算法的PPT。。
IEC104.rar - C语言实现IEC104客户端,可以实现总召,遥信变位上送,YC上送。
ITASCA_udec中锚杆锚索的模拟.zip - 这个程序可以用来模拟煤矿巷道中的锚杆和锚索支护,可以在UDEC中实现。
CNN.zip - 用MATLAB实现卷积神经网络,并对图像进行特征提取