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dzxxtqgj.rar - Delphi extract bitmap fonts byte code, including source code, Chinese characters dot matrix extracted from 16 * 16 dot matrix font information, and displayed in a matrix manner, you can enter any other font, this tool can extract the font code high byte, low, the offset calculation can see screenshots, is "a good program completely Delphi code realization, didn't use controls.
TextChange.rar - Delphi written Windows notepad procedures, can use the text editor to learn Delphi in character operation skills, and in terms of interface, there are many worthy of Delphi beginners to learn.
lab_src.rar - Delphi edition laboratory equipment management system code, database based on Paradox7.Mainly shows the DELPHI Paradox7 operation can be seen as a database instance to learning, program interface as shown in the screenshot.
delphiqgzx.rar - Fourth session of science and technology exhibition in xi 'an institute of science and technology works, using Delphi and implemented the Access of work-study system design, including technical documentation, keywords: work-study database management reports.The main functions of a set of work-study system:
xcustom_2.0_scr.rar - Delphi wedding photography shop business management system, not the image management, is a comprehensive business management system, including customer management, department management, information query, consumer registration, service registration, evaluation, report output, multiple functions such as data entry module, suitable for small and medium-sized photo studio.Source database using Access, packaged, software interface as shown in the screenshot.
pedump192.rar - Delphi source: graduation thesis PEDump file analyzer including documentation, documentation including specification. Doc, paper text. Doc, paper directory. Doc, the appendix. Doc.Many times we need for yourself or for a PE file of analysis, in order to improve or research, because of the PE file is the most important in the computer, the most commonly used file, thus study, understand the PE file format helpful for us.
ThreadDBv0.10.rar - Delphi multithreaded DB component interface features to create can be automatically recycled Query object pool, by specifying the Query interface to the calling thread processing database operation, when the request after the automatic release external references;Brief description:
ddemessage.rar - Delphi DDE send message instance, the program is divided into client and server, run the server after input a message, open the client and then establish a connection, will automatically receive the message from the server, not used controls, procedures simple, can provide learning for your reference.
xqtrqgl.rar - Delphi7.0 earlier developed a neighborhood gas monitoring system server source code, to monitor the gas supply to sound an alarm when abnormal.
Tempmonitor.rar - Delphi hardware such as CPU, hard disk temperature information, similar to a CPU - Z a software, testing hardware information, mainly temperature detection for hardware, including CPU and hard disk, memory, etc., run the interface as shown above.
IceRiver.rar - Delphi source code source code control (network remote control), a glacier can be recompiled, interested in a glacier is a famous network toolbox, mainly is the function of remote control, and with some practical network software, this version of the Delphi ice used vclskin interface controls, but is the free version, there are copyright symbol in the title, don't like this kind of interface to abandon the controls.
wavewarp.rar - Flash colorful wavy lines 7 colour line animation, article seven color animation, like water flowing fluid effect.
dstroke.rar - Colorful Flash light and shadow effects, a total of three similar effects, just different color style, animation form similar, like a beam of light across, with Flash source files.
ICON-BUTTON.rar - Commonly used the Flash icon material, many USES Flash icon button material set, including common player icon, and some RSS icon, download the source file, you can choose the corresponding icon and drag and drop your Flash directly in the library can be used.
zui.rar - ZUI front-end HTML 5 framework based on PHP, open source HTML 5 across the screen frame, ZUIhtml5 framework features:
emlqytxl.rar - EML is a business-oriented address book management system, this version is a classic edition, users in the mobile terminal via the EML real-time check personnel contact, make a phone call, etc., improve the efficiency of internal communication.EML PHP enterprise address book system main functions: user management, users add users, delete users, update user information);Address book management (add contacts, update the address book, delete), personal center, configuration management, etc.Eml enterprise address book management system to a classic v5.4.9 function description: user management, directory management, configuration management, role management, personal center.
falash_cj.rar - A FLASH web lottery program, backstage function needs to be run in the ASP environment, have the ASP environment, source code can be directly uploaded to the server can be used.Disc lottery program, need to draw the first log in to turn the rotary draw.
lybk.rar - LaoJi ASP TXT little blog system, database to TXT storage, easy transplantation, but also make the space of website drastically reduced volume, interface style perfectly compatible with ie7 and ie8, ie 9, ie 10, ie11, firefox, Chrome, and many other major browsers.Author PS: source nothing technical content, because I used to do experiments with so it's easy to modify, will change Dreamweaver is batch of characters and Numbers, not just TXT open slowly changed.
zmcms_utf-8.rar - The dream-seeker ASP website system is suitable for building enterprise website based on ASP environment, system built-in: video, customer service management, news management, global Settings, slideshow image management, sharing management, message management, product management, chain management, talent channel, single page within management module, has generated HTML and custom form functions, can be convenient to the enterprise, the company's web site for all kinds of operation management.
ZhiPike.rar - ZhiRui online evaluation system to run on ASP Access platform, to join ajax interactive design, code realization in the form of interactive communication courses and we have learned this semester teacher comment on, make the teaching management department in a timely manner to understand the status of the teaching, improve the work better.System management:
sjdzmp.rar - PHP qr code, phone card online source generated module, electronic business CARDS and qr code contains the business card information such as name and phone number, mobile phone after sweeping qr code, you can automatically save the information to the mobile phone address book, do not need to manually input.Make a phone call and send text messages can also be directly click on the name card, also convenient.This code implements mobile electronic business CARDS and online generation function of the qr code, simple to use convenient.

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GRNN-MIV.zip - 基于GRNN神经网络的MIV数据筛选,并画出数据筛选后的权重散点图。
CNN.zip - 使用tensorflow ,keras库进行卷积神经网络搭建
Chazhi_Nihe.zip - 对大量数据的差值与拟合算法的Matlab实现,基于多用思想
chengxu_hu.rar - 天津大学胡清华老师的邻域粗糙集经典主程序代码
第四章.zip - 传感器阵列波束优化设计与应用书籍的第四章matlab程序
Untitled.zip - 这是一份SAR图像变化检测的matlab源代码,通过处理两幅SAR图像的差异图,进行数学形态学处理和聚类分析等方法实现图像的变化检测。
image-reading.rar - 一个MATLAB 图形处理软件,是标准的.m 程序,可以批量的对图片进行截图处理,读取截图范围内的强度积分值,并按照图片变 化绘制强度变化曲线。
EMSR.zip - 收益管理中EMSR存量控制模型的matlab实现
QR.rar - 二维码Demo,实现条码扫描,二维码识别等功能
IDM All Products KeyGen v3.6.zip - 带破解版的ue软件 带中文破解版 亲测好用
dsp.zip - 利用python进行数字信号处理的相关程序
STK_MFC.rar - 基于MFC开发的一个STKX简单示例程序,实现了新建场景,添加地面站并鼠标点击设置位置,添加飞机等简单功能。STK官方的例子是用Windows forms application,这里用MFC重新实现了另一个例子。
CNN_P300-master.zip - cnn网络构建神经网络训练脑机接口P300模型
atmosphere.rar - 大气湍流对目标图像的影响 matlab模拟
FCM.rar - 用于对数据进行模糊聚类,输出隶属度矩阵和聚类中心
实验一 图像颜色特征提取.zip - 图像颜色特征提取 颜色是彩色图像最重要的内容之一,被广泛用于图像检索中。但从图像中提取颜色特征时,很多算法都先要对图像进行量化处理。量化处理容易导致误检,并且产生的图像特征维数较高,不利于检索
tec_code.zip - 一个基于matlab的gps电离层数据计算程序,可以在mtlab环境下进行电离层计算
deform3D二次开发步骤.zip - 详细说明deform二次开发中动态再结晶模型的开发步骤
CBCT_FDK_MLEM_April_2013.zip - CBCT图像fdk重建,预投影、投影滤波、重建演示,功能强大
08-dfn单轴压缩试验.rar - PFC中岩石的单轴压缩文件,打开后Pfc3d 5.0以上的版本使用