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l3_slide_decisiontheory_classifier.pdf.zip - classifier for machine learning
冬谷二十四-TS-插件.zip - final cut pro plugins
参考.pdf.zip - block matching algorithm
Gruppe10_Folien.pdf.zip - GUI design folien for adobe xd
MR.pdf.zip - script for the robot control
ML-in-Robotics-Assignments-master.zip - ML in robitics assingment
Assignment1.zip - assignment for machine learning
ldvklassen.zip - project templet for latex

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Techniques-of-matching-images.rar - Variance map of an image is calculated by taking a square window of a set size around a center pixel, and calculating the variance of the values of the pixels. Census Transform is a form of non-parametric local transform (i.e. relies on the relative ordering of local intensity values, and not on the intensity values themselves) used in image processing to map the intensity values of the pixels within a square window to a bit string, thereby capturing the image structure [1]. The centre pixel’s intensity value is replaced by the bit string composed of set of boolean comparisons such that in a square window, moving left to right,
census.tar.gz - Census Transform of an Image, Please read the comments for a better understanding of the code
census-transform.rar - 在matlab下对图像进行census变换