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kjin_vcsrc.rar - Again to share with you a employee attendance system, based on VC Access, the system runs the super administrator and general staff user login, the administrator can maintain employee information and system Settings, and general staff attendance check only, not for other operations, therefore said that the attendance system is very simple, function is single.
cfs_src.rar - A an instance about VC reflection, using the AGM library, no testing, code looks complete, suitable for learning.
kqgl_vcsrc.rar - VC small attendance management system, the login user and password are all KQ.Can realize the system Settings, attendance record, statistics three big functions.Each function has function of segmentation.Before debugging, please configure the ODBC data source, otherwise you will not be able to log in, or do you need to change the connection Settings, do not use the data source connection.
sohuflash.rar - Can automatically broadcast JS wheel picture show
flash5images.rar - JS 5 figure music website focus switching effects, JS image switching effects, on the left side of the display thumbnails, a larger on the right, look for entertainment, games, music stand stand is used, the figure with the method of gradient switch focus.
loadingflashs.rar - Flash Loading web pages focus figure slides, Flash focus of XML code, can flip back and forth, can automatically scroll.
flashflashs.rar - Flash image slideshows effects on the web, Flash, XML with loading progress bar shows that with the thumbnail display, with digital button and pause button, and can play Flash slide show.
ebayimages.rar - Js focus figure game websites dedicated, classic style, below have control function, large gradient above switching, many browser compatibility, code simple, but the effect is good.
hdphp.rar - HDPHP framework USES the MVC design pattern, is a PHP packages, provide powerful and complete library package, meet the demand of development of the project, will need to complete the task of code and minimum quantity, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of project development.
haidao.rar - Pirates (Haidao) online system PHP version of the built-in product specifications/type module, operation module, statistics module, developer mode, etc.Open source code, using PHP MYSQL architecture, convenient deployment.
zoomMenu.rar - Flash grid amplification effects of nested menu, first look at the demo screenshot, squares in nested have small squares, actually this is the menu style, when you click on any one square, other square to retreat, be amplified, according to the current menu squares if box includes sub menu items, see the secondary menu items, on dynamic web pages.
FLVPlayerAS3.rar - Flash as3 scripts for Flv video player, use actionscript 3 animation programming scripts, source code includes the player plugin file FLV_Player_AS3. MXP and skin files AFC_ClassicSkin. MXP, Examples directory is Flv player Fla source file and generate the file.
IMGLoader[Tint]AS2.rar - Flash IMGLoader load external image test source code, using Flash AS2 script technology to realize, to write more complex Flash image application has a reference value.On the sample files, will automatically load a picture sample from outside and displayed, there is no other functions.
flashalbum.rar - Support Flash album classification function, can be to classify images into the name that oneself like, to group related photos in the specified path, the XML as a configuration file for call Flash read pictures.Left click on the thumbnail images after the corresponding big picture on the right, the big picture can be amplified by 75%, 100%, 200%, according to the final effect as shown in the demo screenshot.
thumbnails.rar - Beautiful Flash picture scroll around rolling can be controlled, the design is very beautiful Flash picture scroll, when loaded by effect, both sides can be convenient to control picture scroll, shown in the pictures from the external calls, as XML configuration files, XML thumbnail picture album, scrolling thumbnail effects, Flash source.
flashPhotoxml.rar - A Flash with thumbnails focus figure specific source file, can use, as a Flash photo albums to focus on the web can be used as a switch, can add the description for each photo, click on the lower side of the thumbnail, above shows the corresponding pictures, configuration is convenient, the source file is complete, can be opened in the Flash8 editor.
imageLoader.rar - Load external Flash picture example, actionscript is already written, after open the SWF file, will automatically call external under the specified directory of images, and show the pictures and file name, can be used as a basic unit, like Flash album, Flash image switching effects, are used to this effect.
soundPlayerPRO.rar - SoundPlayer source code, containing a music player based on Flash source files, music address may be embedded in a Flash, need to open the modify, did not look closely, very beautiful interface, has the need to download the study yourself.
SimpleMP3Player.rar - Compact Flash MP3 Player with source files, can play and pause control, when using only need to embed the SWF file in your web pages, and change the MP3 file only need to modify the XML configuration file, simple and convenient, the interface is very small, can hide in a corner of the page, page background music support function can be used.
BlueGlossybuttons.rar - Flash blue crystal button material source file, looks very beautiful and practical, every button with hover animation, the mouse on the button, the button color highlighted.
API_Bible.rar - VB source code viewer API function, that is, browser API function, can free to view the API internal composition, including function, type, are free to delete, add, edit, such as;Can automatically adjust the code, automatic detection, search, add;Can also transfer functions, constants, and the data type for VB.net, C language format;Can browse function according to the group.

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92a99a1dc832fc8f6eb04971e20c455b.rar - 基于模糊PID的温度控制系统,通过matlab平台对基于模糊PID的温度控制系统进行设计
gps.rar - 基于fpga和dsp架构的gps接收机的设计和实现
guangfu.rar - 本压缩包里面有几个月的光伏数据,文件里有几个当时计算用的几个小程序,求光伏概率分布的,
state esimation.rar - 配电网状态估计相关仿真资料,大家可以借鉴一下
exa_fml_ortho_damage_umat.zip - ABAQUS 具有强大的非线性求解能力和便捷的子程序接口及二次开发功能
shiyan7.zip - 实现形态学功能,腐蚀,膨胀,开闭运算,边界提取以及平滑滤波.
Matlab optimization programming example.rar - 分别用最速下降法、FR共轭梯度法、DFP法和BFGS法求解一个典型数学优化问题。
cesium-demo-master.zip - cesium加载3dtile,把要加载的3dtiles文件放到3dtile文件夹, 运行run.bat即可
tun_nh65.zip - 线性调频脉冲压缩的Matlab程序,包括广义互相关函数GCC时延估计,计算时间和二维直方图。
danxiang.rar - 单相桥式整流电路闭环相控调压,simulink中搭建单相桥式整流电路,利用PI控制方式,实现输出电压的相控
dizhenmonijiluz.rar - 地球物理学地震子波以及合成记录模拟原代码.
byo3D.zip - 基于结构光的三维信息获取,包括基于平面擦除法的三维扫描和基于结构光的三维扫描
svmpso.zip - 有关支持向量机的优化算法,可是支持向量机提高准确率及速度
3次B样条曲线拟合.rar - 离散点曲线 进行3次B样条曲线拟合 包括节点参数化过程 基函数计算过程 控制点反求过程 到最后拟合曲线的显示
The-indoor-alarm.rar - 室内报警系统(51单片机实现),实现室内温度监测,室内气体异常监测,室内安全监测!
fatigue.zip - abaqus二次开发UMAT在损伤方面的应用
TOA_uwb.rar - TDOA算法,用于解决uwb中的matlab仿真定位问题。
radar_signal.zip - 应用一个仿真实例对动目标信号的检测判决算法做了分析和验证。其中包括MTI,脉冲多普勒处理,CFAR自适应门限检测等。
MTD算法.zip - 雷达动目标检测仿真,含脉冲压缩,mtd处理等