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ATS_TREXEN v 2.84.rar - trading crypto bot for binance
PLUTO_130.rar - its a auto trading setting script
LIVE_DCA_Release_v0.3.rar - bot for bitmex crypto currency trading - its bitmex trading bot
Bitmex GAS - its a pine script use in tradingview

Download log: - Aladdin HASP Hard lock Dongle
Sentinel.rar - converter tools need for sentinel
MAGNiTUDE.rar - SENTINEL 的加密狗lic生成工具方法如下 1.copy a870.sentinel to windows\system32 folder. Emulator Utility and then press install button and close the utility. wechoid.exe, selector must be 1e or 1c 4.then run LicGen and use selector and code from wechoid.exe w/o 0x, it will make a license for that pc
dumper.rar - dongle dumper for sentinel hl
RTDumperGUIv19.rar - 可以DUMP圣天诺的SRM/HASP/HL加密狗的数据
DS_HASPSRM_Product_Activation.rar - 加密狗解密介绍,主要是对USB加密狗解密的具体解释。 - Hasp tooling and emulator stuff - Hasp Emulator utiltiy - sentinel dongle 狗暴力破解工具
hasp emulator - hasp Emulator dongke dumper - sentinel USB emulator - Hasp Emulator Manual
Sentinel LDK Envelope保护Java程序的说明.zip - safenet Sentinel 加密保护java程序 - Sentinel LDK Setup. Used to install Sentinel drivers to emulate Sentinel Dongles. Enjoy :)
mk_20[1].0.0.rar - multikey 20.0.0加密鎖模擬器
Virtual dongle (1).zip - virtual dongle for hardlock aladdin
MultiKey.rar - The latest version of the hasp Alladin series software dog multi function simulator - 1. Dump dongle with PVA 3.3 util with out Brute WP selected. 2. Solve the DMP file using f1_nodongle (10x to cEnginEEr) util, you should get XXXX.SSP file (~100kb). 3. Use UniDumpToReg util to convert the SSP to REG. Inside UniDumpToReg your SSP file and then SafeKey ssp -> vUSB Sentinel option and push GO . 4. Open the REG file in Notepad or any other text editor and make the following changes: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\Emulator\Sentinel\Dump\XXXX0000] To [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\ru-board\mulators\Dump\XXXX0000]
vusbbus_32-64.rar - EMULATE DONGLE vusbbus 32-64 FILES