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6.rar - an adaptive hysteresis band current controller is proposed for active power filter to eliminate harmonics and to compensate the reactive power of three-phase rectifier. The adaptive hysteresis band current controller, proposed by Bose [An adaptive hysteresis bandcurrent control technique of a voltage feed PWM inverter for machine drive system, IEEE Trans.
5.rar - the implementation of new proposed strategy for the reduction in the transient time of shunt active filter using intelligent controllers. Intelligent control is a class of control techniques that use various AI computing approaches like fuzzy logic, neural network, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithm etc.
4.rar - the objective is to check the real time security By two kinds of performance indices, i.e., active power index (PIP) and reactive power index (PIV) the contingency selection is performed. Using Newton Raphson (NR) iterative method the MATLAB programming code is written for obtaining the solution of load flow equation. Using the algorithm of singular transformation method the MATLAB code for YBUS is written as the elements of the bus admittance matrix (YBUS) used here..
3.rar - Most motors are designed to operate at a constant speed and provide a constant output; however, modern technology requires different speeds in many applications where electric motors are used. A variable speed drive (VSD) is a device that regulates the speed and rotational force, or output torque of mechanical equipment. Effects of applying VSDs are in both productivity improvements and energy savings in pumps, fans, compressors and other equipment. Variable speed drive technology and the importance of controlling the speed of existing motors have fascinated many attentions in the last years with the advent of new power devices and magnetic materials. This paper is a comprehensive review on applications of VSD in electrical motors energy savings.
2.rar - Integration of distributed generation units (DGs) and capacitor banks (CBs) in distribution systems aim to enhance the system performance. This paper proposes water cycle algorithm (WCA) for optimal placement and sizing of DGs and CBs. The proposed method aims to achieve technical, economic, and environmental benefits. Different objective functions: minimizing power losses, voltage deviation, total electrical energy cost, total emissions produced by generation sources and improving the voltage stability index are considered. WCA emulates the water flow cycle from streams to rivers and from rivers to sea.
1.rar - With increasing the presence of Microgrids in the power systems, investigating the MG stability during transient faults is necessary. This study investigates the transient stability analysis of a MG supplied by multiple inverter interfaced distributed generations during fault. The transient stability of a MG is highly depends on the IIDGs control strategy. A MG, simulated on Matlab/Simulink, including three IIDGs and two local loads connected to the IEEE 37-node distribution system is considered as test system. Simulation results show that the MG may lose its stability due to the transient over-currents during fault. By adding a transient current control loop to the voltage source inverter control strategy, the output currents are limited during fault. In the connected mode, an external fault is applied to the MG.

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A-Genetic-Algorithm-Based-AGC-of-a-Restructured-P - In this paper, the parameters of PID controller for Automatic Generation Control (AGC) is tuned according to Generic Algorithms (GAs) based performance indices in the restructured power systems. The key idea of the proposed method is to use the fitness function based on figure of demerit. The simulation results are shown to illustrate effectiveness of the proposed method to solution of AGC problem under different operation condition for a wide range of parameter uncertainties and system nonlinearity
AGC_control_for_two_area_system.rar - It includes an matlab simulation of AGC(Automatic Governor Control) of a 2 area system.the details of the system are given in the document file included in the Zip file
Lewis optimal control 3rd edition 2012.rar - Matlab, LFC, AGC, frequency control, Optimal Control
Power_Control_AGC1.rar - Power System Control and Operation: Automatic Generation Control (AGC)p
AGC.rar - 互联电网AGC的鲁邦控制和传统PI控制simulink仿真对比
AGC-POWER-SYSTEM-MATLAB-CASE.rar - 用matlab simulink画得电力系统自动发电控制两系统图,一个非常实用的算例
Ahybr.zip - A hybrid Firefly Algorithm (FA) and Pattern Search (PS) optimized fuzzy PID controller is proposed for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of multi area power systems. Initially a two area thermal system with Governor Dead Band (GDB) nonlinearity is considered and the gains of the fuzzy PID controller are optimized employing a hybrid FA and PS (hFA–PS) optimization technique. The supremacy of proposed hFA–PS over FA is also demonstrated. The advantage of the proposed fuzzy PID controller has been shown by comparing the results with some recently published techniques, such as Differential Evolution (DE) and Craziness based Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO). Further, sensitivity analysis is performed by varying the system parameters and operat
problem.zip - In order to effectively manage the problem of load frequency control (LFC), preserve stability of frequency, tie-line power and area control error (ACE) for inter-connection hydro power system, the optimal problem between system parameters and controller parameters was constructed in this paper according to the relation between the maximum peak resonance and the maximum peak overshoot. The mathematic expression between the two kinds of parameter was obtained by deduced the optimal problem. Aimed at the non-minimum phase character of hydro generator
LinearDynamicalSystemsAllMaterials.zip - load frequency control various techniques in Matlab very useful
LFC_3_area.zip - Matlab program to solve load frequency control for 3 area system
TwoAreaLFC.rar - Two Area power interconnected power system load frequency control using PID controllers
LFC.rar - Load frequency Control with PID Controller
32401163FuzzyPIDcontroller.rar - fuzzy pid load frequency control
PSO_Load-Frequency-Control.rar - PSO Based Load Frequency Control
LFC.rar - Load frequency Control
Load-frequency-control.zip - Load frequency control
SOS.zip - SOS algorithm explani
Power_System_Static_Security_Analysis_Tutorial.rar - 电力系统静态安全分析教程Power System Static Security Analysis Tutorial
kkkkk.rar - 使用补偿法对电力系统进行静态安全分析的MATLAB编程语言