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phpqrcode-2010100721_1.1.4.zip - php script to generate qr codes
delphitwain-kluug-1-5--2014-06-25.zip - Delphi utility to use twain of scanners. Works with XE8
BGINFO.zip - Utility to know ip and system information of pc
ModernListView-master.zip - Componet for delphi list view
HwDevComm.zip - Library to access functions to retrieve information from hanvon devices

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HANVON-SDK-20140828.rar - HANVON 考勤机 SDK 开发框架。包含了源程序以及开发指南。
汉王人脸通SDK二次开发包.rar - 官方汉王人脸通SDK二次开发包 及说明 (考勤软件对接接口)