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jQuery-Coverflow.rar - JQuery Coverflow slider navigation menu, click on the menu above target, drag will follow to change position, is smack of apple menu, do not know to have love, all the code package, share with you.
jqlongmenu.rar - Hovering elongation menu effects, feeling scale is used to describe more appropriate, when you move the mouse on the icon is a menu, the menu will automatically elongation, and after you remove the mouse goes back again, interesting, give a person very dynamic feeling.This smooth animation based on the popular jquery plugin.
jqxgmenus.rar - Floating in a web page on the left side of the super beautiful graphic menu, sliding box is a special effects, based on the jquery plugin, smooth animation, and good compatibility, click on the button on the bottom of the menu can be stretched out.
jdkolside.rar - Js Flash focus figure switch encapsulated version to download code, Flash picture round effects, / / focus figure initialization
adscrrons.rar - Timing of Flash full-screen contraction ads code, in the setting of time arrival, automatic shrink on the top of the page display.
mootoolsads.rar - Image navigation with elastic effects, based on mootools_packed. Js dynamic menu as an example, the mouse to click the menu, menu, elastic buffer with a stop, very move feeling, can on the basis of this custom is very personalized animation menu effects.
aseege.rar - 5 pictures of shuffling photo effects to switch fixed to 5 images flash js advertising images by code, random switching effect, has slipped out, a circle slowly pulled open, fades, takes web space is small, easy to layout.Image path and the link is written in the 3 DSWF. Js, according to their own needs to be modified.Disadvantages: does not easily embedded in dynamic web pages, so JS operation some trouble, but in order to realize dynamic is not impossible.
flashjsad.rar - Contracted Flash image fades round switching effects, Flash focus of js code, can be used for advertising, according to the contents recommended or hot news is recommended.
dotcuts.rar - Js news focus figure images, image code.With page arrow about control of Flash focus slide, a news figure effects, hot switching function images, contracted and the atmosphere, very suitable for news station, information station and web portal.
dangdys.rar - Dangdang shopping network figure special Flash Flash focus focus figure specific code, modify the image path and link. Please use notepad to open the MovieTopBanner ashx.Thumbnail images and text together, hovering in the thumbnail figure namely switch focus.
shenshuoad.rar - Automatically back to the website at the top of the advertising effects, to implement with two advertising picture, a picture is normal advertising, is a telescopic image, after open the page after the first show normal advertising images, stay for a few seconds after the big image automatic upward contraction, finally displayed in the top of the page, call after telescopic images show, don't know that right.
zhishool.rar - ZhiRui school web site management system function modules include: reception site home page, the school profile, campus news, moral education teaching, campus wind colour, download resources, seeking them, scores query, online registration, contact us, member center, campus mail, file system, such as school teachers common section, is suitable for middle and primary school, large and medium-sized institutions, and technical school etc.
szsb_src.rar - VC digital image identification technology application instance, and can realize turn 256 colors gray image, binarization, gradient sharpening, to discrete noise, character segmentation, size standards integration, the rearrangement of retrenchment, save image preprocessing results for BMP images, and other functions, can recognize simple Arabic numerals, using the neural network recognition and related knowledge.
testReport.rar - SuperReport controls VC statements, with source code section, the characteristics of the control, support for multiple report format, support data and format for complete separation, support the implementation of rules and irregular report, fixed and not fixed statements, can also be added in the report pictures, animation, and even music effect;And perfect support statements play the preview, save, update, and page setup, etc...
shipinip.rar - A complete VC source of video conference system, under the environment of Windows XP, Visual C version 6.0 compiler through.Need RTCDLL. DLL file (this file is generally system32 folder in Windows installation directory).
stmeditor.rar - VC electronic traffic map program example, can draw the node, draw a straight line on the map (road), railway station, bus station, etc., in fact similar drawing program, just extended the function, main is to highlight the drawing skills, are interested can study together.
Talk.rar - Module of a VC can be used for voice chat program source code, is not a complete voice chat program, the TalkDll. DLL for language chat.Using g. 729 compression, tested, end is the Great Wall broadband, one end is a 56 k dial-up Internet access while modem.Voice is clear, but one thing stop tons phenomenon.TalkDll. DLL using a TCP connection, said the two sides connected no, use udp send voice and data, the sender send order shows, receive also in the order.
wzq_src.rar - With memory function of VC gobang game, each time to play games, can automatically store the state of the game, the next time the drop-down is open.Gobang game related VC source code, there are a lot of, this also is one of the features, the source code in the VC 6.0 compiler running smoothly.Paragraphs the gobang can also set up many game mode, back, prompt, language Settings, and other functions.
vcftp_src.rar - VC FTP upload download program, want to learn VC network programming skill?The FTP client program can let you know a lot about winSock programming knowledge.And this program is completely can use, set up the FTP address, user name and password, you can connect to the remote FTP, file upload and download, can be support breakpoint continuingly.
students_acc.rar - A VC write curriculum design: student information database management system source code, can learn VC and database programming friends to do a sample, the system added directly through the SQL statement to modify the background table function, controversial, please friends with actual development experience.The current system user and password: (to change)
HosptialMan.rar - A simple and easy to use VC hospital outpatient service charge management system, source code included of the construction of MSSQL2000 database scripts, need to manually build library, can normal compilation code section, system login password inside the SQL script, the default database connection machine, user sa password empty.The hospital outpatient service charge management system can complete hospital department set up, information management, charge management, and other normal function.
wordpad.rar - VC development of slider wordpad program, not a notepad, wordpad program in Windows, there is also a drag on the slider, this function is not very good, but did out, other tablet in the basic function and XP, the first edition of the source code from the foreign VC's web site, made a few changes.

Download log:
小学生四则运算.zip - (1)实现一个加减乘除运算的小型系统,进行整数的加、减、乘、除运算; (2)在每一种运算下,由系统随机产生两个数(数值大小在1~100之间)参加运算,当用户根据系统提供的公式进行计算,并输入计算结果后,系统判断结果的对错。如果结果正确,则显示“Very Good”,否则,显示“Wrong!!!”。 (3)每次选择一种运算后,系统随机产生5或10道题目(需保证出的题目不超纲,即加法和与乘积不能超出100、减法结果不能出现负数、除法必须能整除),当用户运算完毕后,系统给出正确率。如用户10题答对了6题,则显示正确率为60%。每道题目可以考虑最多给2次答题机会。运算完毕后,系统将返回主菜单,供用户再次选择。
WRSM.rar - 该程序中包含有各种响应面方法,如一次响应面和二次响应面
QtSocket.zip - qt实现的网络客户服务端,就是个demon,一个非常有用简单的例子
libusbtest.rar - libusb通过usb接口访问arm板,上位机访问下位机通过usb接口,免驱设计
IPOPF.rar - 内点法最优潮流程序,可供参考一下,内容可以较大修改
db.rar - 本程序用在测试采煤机煤矸识别系统中,验证小波算法
wind.rar - 可用于风压数据处理,比如屋面开洞,风压频谱和风压体型系数和风压系数等
C51_uCOSII.zip - ucos在8051单片机的移植 ,配合stc的st89c51,经测试可以运行
rjmcmc.rar - 基于RJMCMC及模拟退火算法的RBF模型选择,用matlab的一个简单实现,算法包含birth、death、split、merge及update五个子过程。径向基函数选用高斯函数。
2_DGPlacemDataEnvelAnal.rar - DG placement in a 33-bus distribution power system using data envelopment analysis technique considering voltage profile, reliability, power loss and cost.
ENVI下温度植被干旱指数(TVDI).zip - IDL平台环境下,envi温度植被干旱指数计算TVDI
逆变器.zip - STM43F4核心板 实现用ir2104驱动的全桥整流电路的驱动,包括PWM以及频率测量,电流电压的闭环控制
TaskEditor.rar - 完美世界国际版151单人任务和任务编辑器
adaptive-filtering.rar - 自适应滤波,一种降噪滤波的好算法,被多篇论文证明能够有效预处理信号。
stm32Smartcar.zip - 这是飞思卡尔智能车电磁组的循迹小车程序,主要包括主函数,电机驱动函数,ADC函数等等
GAN-master.zip - GAN标准生成对抗网络基于tensorflow的实现
1LOSNLOSIDENTIFICATION.rar - 这时一个有关NLOS误差抑制的matlab代码,简单有效,适合初学者
分析.zip - 齿轮动力学分析,计算动载系数,位移加速度等
uCOS-II-STC.zip - UCOSII移植到STC单片机源码,8位单片机小型实时操作系统,已裁剪 开发环境KEIL C51
Image-Process-and-OpenGL.rar - 计算机图形学理论与OpenGL编程实践_0