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xuebai_palyer.rar - A compact mini player, white style, for the function of the page to add background music, of course can also be used as a music player to work.Song list file sys/addlist js, internal detailed call instructions, beginners will not be afraid!
closebanner.rar - A WEB page can be closed at the top of the toolbar style code, pretty navigation bar near the top of the effect, or bulletin board, with a close button on the right side, click the close button to close the notification bar, bad for graphic WEB programmer, be able to get a ready-made.
sohubeitou.rar - Pop-up window code web Flash display advertising and mandatory, display advertising believe everyone experiences, should the advertising effect is good, but sometimes users might not like it, advertising to be realistic, not loss too much user experience, the impact on the site of the otherwise.
czplayer.rar - Super beautiful flash mini player, MP3 music player, support the music list, each player window module can also drag, and has the function of automatic adsorption in the sample with the use of the player and parameters shows that documentation is complete, more powerful, the operation interface such as graphic.
miaovmenus.rar - Native JS effect smooth sliding menu, slide the red background of the navigation menu, when the mouse moves on the menu, the background of the corresponding menu item will slide, and the effect of buffer with animation, this based on JavaScript code, without using the jquery plugin. Results are smooth enough, and compatibility are great.
gwflashpic.rar - Support group beautiful Flash picture round effects, click on the thumbnail into the batch of photo slideshow mode, namely the image can be grouped, after entering each thumbnail, how the effect of image switching, based on the XML configuration files, this image slideshows can be used in the web photo album, also can be used on web pages as images recommendation module.
tyaobao.rar - Taobao the focus of the previous figure slide code, FLASH JS XML three combination to realize the smoothing effect of images of the switch, the lower left corner is a control button, when don't click on the button image automatic switch, switch immediately click.Insert the Flash in the page, the page events do simple processing, when upload please note remove the return false.Before the comments.
imgToggle.rar - Native jQuery image switching, scroll to switch pages focus image code, above, for JQ version support automatic playback, custom content and style.Can change direction, you can customize the title, but the custom controls, internal details.
adesge.rar - Sporting goods website Flash focus figure specific code, vertical long switch images, combined with Js and XML technology to realize, the bottom of the picture with a control button can control broadcast images, when not operating play slideshow image automatically.
fabao.rar - Big JS pictures by the special effects, the width of the image occupies the entire web, at first glance like a menu, click on the image to switch, the focus of very atmospheric figure effects, put it on the web page must be beautiful, to welcome you all to use.
rightmenus.rar - Based on the Prototype of the animation menu, hidden in a web page on the right side of the slide open the menu, in open the web page, it is the default does not display, only shows a button control, the mouse to click after it is opened.In addition, it also will automatically with the browser's scrolling smooth return to its original position, automatically adapt to a certain height.
Tank_src.rar - The source code, VC tanks war bring battle map editor, was to compete with, won first prize, source has high reference value for study.Design adopts the lenovo tanks tanks of images, sound material, reference to previous source code, rewritten into the tank game now, support double game, high artificial intelligence, provide 6 kinds of props, 5 kinds of landform, file description:
Rondbutton.rar - A group with VC the.net implementation of rounded button effects, instance set, not a rounded button, very beautiful, especially the border style is different, and the background color of button is not the same, look interested in test of source material network under the screenshots, see if you like the rounded style?
CustomBitmapButtonDemo.rar - A small tool used to make VC crystal button on the source code, with this tool can produce many beautiful crystal buttons, used in VC form, as shown in the sample screenshots, is making the crystal buttons, there are some practical options, such as custom button length, height, style, color, etc, to personally experience.
buttons.rar - VC more beautify style button sets, a source, shows the effect of a variety of button, a plane, a stereo, a shadow, and with a background image button, and button icon, believe that so many buttons example, will make you learn more VC beautification skills to the button.
EditorApp.rar - C of actual combat TXT text editor, similar to the notepad program, used to handle TXT document.In this paper, the handler can be identified in the text hyperlinks, and tags, click on the links to specified web page, used to study the C character of processing capacity, super good.Easy to understand.
charptoolbar.rar - C make toolbar example, two instances, it is very simple, one of which is to use the image became a toolbar button, c interface production example of comparative basis, can take the code in this example to make some menus, lines.
charp-notepad.rar - C notepad source Windows XP style, text document processor, used to TXT file operation, interface and notepad, function also is similar, but the interface and features are better than Windows's own notepad, mostly learn C character processing capacity, the notepad as sample should be a good choice.
DataReader.rar - C Access database query examples, including the Command, the DataReader, DataSet, DataTable operation as an example, to Access database operation, these are the basic knowledge, for the initial contact database programming beginners C, is very useful reference source code examples.
Console.rar - Console C programming examples, mainly by value contrast before and after the contrast before and after the call, array, array column, welcome information output, output parameters, using the console to the conventional calculation, the content of the aspects such as the use of static variables, for beginners learning C reference.
GinShopModels.rar - VS2008 C hotel management system platform, database based on SQLServer2005, including several packaging components as well as the source, the system can generate the installer, is a fully functional hotel system, green apple hotel management system source code, the initial operation interface, log in first, as shown in the screenshot, functional aspects, no debugging environment, so for now.

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改进势场.zip - 基于Matlab的改进人工势场法实现路径规划与避障
GRABCUT.rar - matlab与C++混编的grabcut分割程序,只需画框即可提取目标
udf-k-e-turbulence-model.rar - 湍流模型的udf编译文件 写的是fluent中默认的k-e模型的文件,可以以此为基础进行来更改
gradient_-method.rar - 数字散斑相关计算中,亚像素位移检测,梯度算法
SurveyingAdjustment.rar - 测绘领域,该程序为一个边角网平差的程序,能够进行近似计算、间接平差计算,同时能够绘制出测量的网图,进行精度测评。
DDR-SDRAM-Controller.zip - DDR SDRAM控制器verilog代码及中文说明文档
multi-kernel-path-1.1.zip - 多核变换,稀疏变换,核变换自适应学习,图形图像变换
Denoiser_Matlab_NMF_Based.rar - Denoising matlab toolbox based on NMF. This code helps beginners for denoising.
FWM-vanalysis.zip - FWM in fiber communication system
SF.zip - This code for shift factor problems
shift.zip - this code for shift factor
factorial-numbers.rar - factorial numbers, factorial numbers,factorial numbers
propagation-algorithm-BSC-channel.zip - Belief propagation algorithm over the BSC channel
Gausshermite.zip - 高斯厄尔米特积分代码,实现高斯积分功能,环境为matlab
showregions.zip - show regionprops in matlab
AHPcourse.zip - 使用Matlab計算AHP分析, 特徵值與特徵像量, 計算最佳決策分案選擇
t5_3.zip - 编写一函数 实现图像与任意模版(尺寸可调)的二维卷积,图像边缘有边界点取对称方式填充
MATLABSOPHOMORE.zip - MATLAB Tutorial for sophomore students. Very useful for beginners.
houghlines.zip - 实现在matlab环境下的直线检测,效果很好
iterative.zip - iteractive calculation using matlab numeric