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flashkarun.rar - Flash version of the car animation source file, with some cartoon funny smell, make Flash cartoon animation can be used, the effect must be good.
flashsmog.rar - And a Flash of smoke effects source material, Flash animation smoke source file's quantity, material, fire smoke animation fire animation, Flash animation smooth animation material.
FlashRun.rar - Vivid Flash running animation material characters, containing the Flash source files, people run to three-dimensional animation effects, have the character space, running from top to bottom, from left to right can display characters running effects, Flash8 source code to achieve.
flashpernotes.rar - Flash animation line by line be drawn the outline of the 3 d effect of the three-dimensional space of animation, combined with small animation, also quite feel whole.It contains the Flash source files.
flashbutterfly.rar - Flash animation, animation nature scene, with the sun, sun, blue sky, green trees, flowers, such as animation effects, the green animation of nature, the mouse in the picture, there is a cool mouse effect.Animation Flash video can turn this clip as a null lens to use oh.
flashHand.rar - Flash hand fighter animation, arms outstretched, animation effects, stretching out his hands to continuous animation, production effect is clear, can be used as a clip of Flash video, and other works, come with Flash8 source files.Note: hand animation to start after the mouse on it.
watersplash.rar - Abroad Flash water splash animation source files, Flash water radiant source material, based on Flash8 implementation, I do not know whether to use AS the script, the specific effect see screenshots.
peoplerun.rar - Animation Flash people walk, walk animation characters, frame by frame animation examples, very realistic person walk animation source files.Robots walk animation, posture is very like a person, this animation and is drawn based on's quantity and reference value.
vbVsCmd.rar - VB examples: the button text alignment, and button color change, use the CommandButton button control example of the button, can be defined respectively button style under three states, such as the button is the default state, button, button slip, it also can be installed above the button text alignment, load the external image and the button color, function, for making the VB button is the base of quite practical skills.
MSGraph.Chart.rar - Based on MSGraph. Chart of VB image generated as an example, the Chart data from the access database, so the content of this program first reads the database, and then generate charts, support Chart types are: the three dimensional area Chart, remove the figure, the three dimensional cubic Chart, the three dimensional histogram, etc., also has the print function.
vbSkinnable.rar - VB control skin using instance resource file, use a control to achieve the beautiful window of skin, it also comes with more than 20 practical change skin skin resources, can be timely to quickly switch between the 20 a variety of skin style, including Windows XP style, the default style, the gradient style and other style.The operation of the specific effect see see screenshots shown in screenshot.
ProgressStyles.rar - Much money it is concise and dynamic progress bar, making web pages for Loading, click on the button, the button shown on the progress bar, use different color to fill the progress bar, a total of demonstrates four different direction of the progress bar, progress bar display of the load, see some test shots.
vcSmallball.rar - Pretty simple VC to hit the ball game, the game is to find the same color with the mouse ball, ball disappears, can score, when test collision detection and judgment of the color, understanding of the principle of extensible), like lianliankan game.
vcSuperChat.rar - VC network chat program source code, CS architecture, a client program and server program code, point-to-point simple chat, demonstrates the prototype of a chat program, the program is to start the test at both ends and defined the related parameters, can send messages to each other.
DelphiColorTV.rar - VC Access database version of home appliance repair service system, to achieve the home appliance breakdown maintenance information to add, delete, modify, etc., make the maintenance information be clear at a glance.Improve the work efficiency.Program is very simple, actually also is suitable for the novice VC friends learning VC ADO operation.
delphisoftsrc.rar - VC hospital business Access database management system, relatively simple VC database program, complete employee on a business trip just go to a doctor's registration, modify, delete, mark expenses, etc., compiled, please remove the database to the Debug directory.
vcDataManager.rar - A professional VC construction management software, bar information management, convenient to maintain the beam data information architects, add management, include calculation.In the program frame view do more good, want to download the source code on the research.
vcLsCommDemo.rar - One for the VC environment of multithreading serial data reception class code, the example implements a concise and easy to use multithreading serial communication interface, you can switch to query and automatically receive two modes of serial data transceiver, window as shown above.Select a serial port, select receive mode and send data, synchronization, receiving data, such as asynchronous receive data.
vcfaxclass.rar - VC a fax machine interface, a set of very good fax library (stability, high speed), support for almost all FaxModem, from Symantec Winfax Chinese authors.Mainly using FaxModem via a serial port or TAPI interface directly to send and receive fax.
vcMenuHook.rar - VC Hook code-based menu shadow, VC Hook is used to implement the shadow, you believe that?Just download the source code yourself look, not inferior, first look at the test shots.
vcCButton.rar - VC button effects based on CButton class, founded by the basis of the CButton derived class CLinkButton, appearance similar to the effect of static control CStatic class, when the mouse moves to did not press the on button, the cursor changes shape, font change shape;Toolbar and menu button similar application in flat effect, to the Windows like friends believe will like this classic style button.
vcLanguage.rar - VC form language switch case, as shown in the screenshot, the written form interface switch to English, Korean, Japanese, etc., click the corresponding small icon, seamless switching, very practical window programming skills.
vcTetris.rar - VC tetris source code, support full-screen, believe that the game is played as a child, it is not much is introduced, and the code for beginners VC game to provide effective reference.
vcFivePlus.rar - Five bead chess game source code, VC never played before the game oh, don't know how to play, but the game source code under the environment of VC 6.0 successfully compiled, it should be said for writing games, is a very good reference material.
vcFighter.dsw.rar - VC aircraft games, can automatic layout, save the game, load the previously saved game, some custom options, such as the interface of the game have a help window, and text scrolling effect, the game interface is also very good oh.
VCI_go.rar - VC the game source code, support doubles, the friend's birthday gift.Very classic board game, looking forward to friends to download the study.
vcmyGL.rar - VC snowflakes flying animation scene, snow demo application, based on OPENGL framework of NEHE, snow demo full-screen (in F1), all over the sky flying snow scene, animation effects of snow, can make screen saver, the most simple OPENGL example of VC.
uClosingEffect.rar - A Delphi animation with clock closed form the special effects, from the gradient fades way to exit the program window, the window is shown in a transparent state pointer clock, very beautiful, animation form is also very practical.Novice learning Delphi form the animation can under reference.
Delphiguild.rar - Delphi user manual generators, used to generate the setup user manuals, adopt the unified mode, Delphi programmers code necessary material, can be embedded into your program used in the project.
DelphiRGBDemo.rar - Delphi images to color, color is black and white, but the JPG photo into a black and white, at the same time also can reverse phase, generate negative effect.Quite a Delphi picture processing example of foundation.

Download log:
chaopicture.zip - 用Lorenz序列进行彩色图像加密,加密效果良好,性能得到较大提升
16111990-C-interview-questions-and-answers.zip - C C++ interview Questions and Answers
kacmp.zip - google搜索的核心技术,VC++源码实现,包含测试数据库
MK检验及突变的matlab程序.rar - 主要用于趋势诊断,以及突变检验,MATLAB语言。
OpenGL_LOD.rar - OpenGL_LOD--著名的兔子模型 学习LOD的必看
svpwm.rar - 电压空间矢量调制的M语言实现,单个文件实现很方便,已经通过验证
GNSS data Pretreatment.rar - Preprocessing procedure in GNSS data processing
5.9.rar - 这个程序是一个六子棋对弈引擎,采用六子棋标准对弈协议,在对弈平台下可以实现人机对弈或者程序间对弈。具有较好的棋力。
h264rtp.rar - java实现摄像头实时视频采集通过rtp协议传输,封装的视频格式是h264,需要用到的maven依赖为<dependency> <groupId>org.bytedeco</groupId> <artifactId>javacv</artifactId> <version>1.4.2</version> </dependency>,运行H264.java开始发送视频流,安装vlc后可打开test.sdp文件播放视频;
FractalRoughSurface.rar - 在matlab中运行可以生成高斯随机粗糙表面,可以作为粗糙面模拟的准备工作。
_2DRECWG.zip - 用二维时域有限差分方法模拟了矩形波导的模场分布
SPAMS2014.rar - 在线学习矩阵分解和稀疏编码,稀疏编码是永远的经典,需要学习稀疏编码的同志可以下载看看
ar-ma-arma.rar - 含有滤波器的源程序,并且能够顺利的运行,希望能给你一些参考!
萝卜登录器.zip - 真实可用的热血江湖萝卜登陆器,奉献给各位热血江湖的朋友,适用于2.0-8.0的端。
VBI-ANSYS.zip - 采用ansys的位移法和生死单元两种方法实现的车桥耦合程序
psf.zip - matlab编写计算直边图像的点扩散函数PSF
Neville插值CUMT.zip - 输入一天内的小时和分钟以及阶数,自动读取精密星历文件,Neville插值在所给阶数数据中间精度最高,所以会自动选择精度最高的情况插值。替换目录下sp3文件即可完成修改。
selfspline.rar - 第一,二种边界条件的三次样条插值法matlab代码
直观法航迹起始.rar - M/N逻辑法航迹起始程序,仿真环境参照《雷达数据处理及应用》P99页,程序简单明了,适合初学者
CNN-with-three-pooling-strategy.rar - 这是matlab的代码,将cnn进行三次池化的代码,可以作为学习卷积神经网络的入门例子