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systemprint.rar - Delphi document verification printing system, this system based on the source code through the sql2000 database development, debugging, please pay attention:
drawdelphi.rar - Delphi multiple document interface graphics editing program to draw a straight line, rectangle, circle, such as geometry, as well as tools such as brush, dotted line, can fill color, to adjust the red, green, blue three colors, like Windows drawing, Delphi realize completely, the source code can be directly compiled.
DelphiWaterEffect.rar - Water lines follow the mouse effect, Dephi wave algorithm principle is fabricated using CnPack code wave algorithm, use of GDI drawing, only on some computers may have flashing.Move your mouse on the diagram, you'll find beautiful water lines in follow your mouse drifting, written in Chinese since the open classes CnPack.
DelphiPathFind.rar - Delphi weighted pathfinding algorithm demo source code, the code of A * pathfinding algorithm on the Internet has A lot of, but with less of Delphi, I spent A day to find this, code and interfaces are refined, and the key points in the Chinese comments, I hope useful for friends.A * is similar to the principle of best priority algorithm, only the best priority algorithm on the path, the cost of the nodes is presented, and A * algorithm needs F (NODE) = G (NODE) H (NODE) valuation function to estimate the price of the current point.
EffectImage.rar - Delphi use Asphyre image processing control example source code, includes the following effects:
delphijlpk.rar - Delphi solitaire game source code, press F2 to start a new game!The solitaire game match data processing, card index 0..12 spades (A, 2..K) 13..25 hearts (A, 2..K) 26..38 the plum blossom (A, 2..K) 39..51 square (A, 2..K), out of order, the current design and color is not the brand value of 0, the smallest, the biggest, the current design and color is not the brand value for scNone, which the player out of CARDS, the current design and color is not the brand value for scNone, distance is the card number, if error (this card design and color is not featured brand), return 1
DelphiSnake_Asphyre.rar - Beautify the version of Delphi snake source code, interface's character, use Asphyre controls, make the snake is very beautiful, oh.
delphiBookMIS.rar - Delphi SQL database teaching information management system, for the SQL2000 database, source code written by nanyang institute of technology student, loading and unloading management function can realize the teaching material, teaching material cost management, integrated information query, system Settings, pay the books and retreat tuition, students get books, etc.
regcomdelete.rar - Delphi useless information registry cleaning procedures, control interface in use, the master program to complete similar to Windows registry information cleaning function, to the registry.
CloseWindowdelphi.rar - Delphi written off the window little game, objective: through the closure of the limited time window of operation, to make it all the Windows are closed, Delphi may refer to the game.
writedesk.rar - Delphi force output Windows desktop text, displayed at the top of other Windows, no matter what the text window can be enumerated and force display.
SkinFormsucai.rar - Delphi skin material resources, to beautify the forms and programs use, when you use in Delphi LMEDIADEV SKINS to form beautification, the skin resources is quite useful, there are more than 100 kinds of styles of skin material, download collection, after use.
delphihookdll.rar - Delphi using HOOK thread injection system, calling a HOOK control to complete, example demonstrates the injection process of a url example.
SynEditStudio.rar - Delphi SynEditStudio controls the full version contains sample, one for rapid editing text in the edit box control, this update is enhanced, to repair some of the mistakes of the original SynEdit, optimizing SynEdit display effect, supports syntax highlighting, added more options to SynEdit, and some combination of the three parties strengthen control, form a complete control packets, and includes part of the call.
vcsqldatebase.rar - VC database export and export SQL statements procedure, a data source, small tools and can be used to analyze simple SQL syntax, before a few years of the program, interested in downloading the source code for research.
vcADOBLOB.rar - VC store images in the database, using ADO to JPG images stored in Access database, and can browse images in the database, can be expanded into a database, each user's personal information, including photos and other data.
vcaccesssql.rar - Access can also have the query analyzer, written by VC.The realization of VC write copy is essentially a query analyzer, but not for SQL, object is the Access operation, the key point of this example is written by the analyzer, can contact more VC Access database operation basic knowledge, operation Access reference value for the depth.

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PE-Explorer.rar - 反编译EXE文件工具///////////////////////////////////
regu.rar - 反问题求解中解决病态矩阵问题的正则化算法。
串口发送接收实例.rar - labview串口接收、发送(分开)程序以及总通信程序
XilinxFpgaDesignAndTest.rar - Xilinx fpga 设计培训中文教程,比较好的学习FPGA入门的教程
TSMPE.zip - 时移多尺度排列熵一种应用于非线性非平稳信号的特征提取方法,能够有效的处理信号特征信息。
GA-opf.zip - 利用遗传算法解决电力系统最优潮流问题。程序opf1为最优潮流的模型建立部分,gaopf是主函数,求解最小燃料费用。
ADRC_LSEF.rar - 用simulink搭建的自抗扰控制器的线性反馈模型
mapdata.rar - 中国省市县geojson数据,可用于可视化工具绘制地图使用
SurrogateOptimizationModule_FileExchange.zip - 实现rbf以及kriging等代理模型的构造并实现EGO算法优化
Off-grid.rar - DOA 估计里面的off-grid对应的原版MATLAB程序,SCI期刊论文程序《Off-Grid Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Sparse Bayesian Inference》,用于高精度测量DOA。
paiduilun.zip - 排队论轮询算法的matlab性能仿真,包括简单轮询算法和加权轮询算法,比较10个节点网络的生存时间,自己写的代码~
Mie-scattering-Matlab1.zip - 用matlab计算米散射和吸收系数的一些程序
MCP6S21-M64aproteus-circuit.rar - 基于ATMEGA64单片机驱动MCP6S21可编程程控放大器的仿真加ICC源码。
LoRa系统调制.zip - LoRa系统的matlab调制仿真。包含调制代码的函数及运行样例。
sm4_Verilog.zip - sm4 VERILOG 代码实现及其在无线网络3G中的应用
Location_Tracking.rar - 单传感器对目标的定位跟踪。包括基于CA和IMM模型的EKF和UKF算法。
SAR图像和光学图像的配准.rar - registration SAR图像与光学图像的配准算法,附源码
《汇编语言》王爽.rar - 学习汇编语言经典的书籍,详细介绍了汇编语言的指令执行过程
hevod1.0.rar - 燕赵宽频点播系统V1.0 hevod视频点播系统是一套采用Asp.net开发开源的视频在线播放系统,系统采用三层架构开发,数据库采用Access,适合于中小型网站应用。 1、公用部分采用了用户控件进行调用 2、用户分权限管理,后台随时记录用户登录日志
金融炼金术-乔治·索罗斯.zip - 索罗斯都要用的EA变成技术!MT4变成必学,下载绝对不会后悔。