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SMIB.rar - 单机无穷大系统的电力系统simulink仿真图
模糊pid.rar - 用于计算pid参数的模糊算法matlab程序
水轮机调速模型.rar - PID控制的水轮机调速器 simulink模型
Control Course.rar - 用于实现对小车的移动进行控制的app源代码
H_P_Model.rar - 用于求解单机无穷大系统用于simulink时的k1~k6的系数

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Genetic_Algorithm_Final_mindistance.rar - This Program performs the genetic algorithm by minmax optimization for designing a PSS
PSS_Fuzzy-type2.rar - An interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller (IT2FLC) is proposed in this paper for the design of power system stabilizer (PSS) of a single machine infinite bus (SMIB) and multi machine infinite bus (MMIB) system incorporated with an AC1A exciter.
SMIB.rar - Two files 1. Data for Single machine Infinite Bus bar of power system. the generator data is based on MMF method which is described in Kundur, Power System Stability. 2. performance of Power System Stabilizer (PSS) for inter-area oscillations. The two area system is based on the example given in Kundur, Power System Stability. - 非常实用的全中文psat说明书,适合电力系统仿真设计使用!
powerr_PSS.rar - Power System Stabilizer Based On Fuzzy Logic Controller - Simulinnk model of modified heffron phillips model using matlab
Untitled.rar - hefron_philips coefficient of the Heffron-Phillips single-machine model - 单机无穷大系统的暂态稳定分析,附m文件和word使用说明
NFPSS.rar - These set of programs are written to design a robust power system stabilizer for minimizing the effects of low frequency oscillations in electric power systems. A complete nonlinear model of the power system represented by a single machine connected to an infinite bus is developed in the Simulink environment. A fuzzy Power System Stabilizer is designed using the fuzzy logic toolbox of matlab and its parameters are tuned by a NEural Network controller.
power_PSS.rar - Power System Stablizer
heffron_SSSC.rar - Hefron Phillips Model of the SMIB with SSSC