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Create time: 2019-03-25 10:13:42

Upload log:
calldll.zip - This is call the dll file in LabVIEW.
i2cstream.zip - This is ch341a i2c file included stream function.
i2c.zip - This is ch341a i2c read Labview file.
CH341SER.ZIP - This is ch341ser's driver file.
CH341PAR.ZIP - This is CH341A's driver file.
udl.zip - UDL file created in Labview.
qq.zip - A file that writes data to a text file.
?? ???.zip - This is the material that describes the labview.
??? ? ??.zip - A file that can read data to an Excel file.
??? ? ??.zip - A file that can write data to an Excel file.

Download log:
USB-RAW---Bulk-ch341.rar - labview中usb raw设备的读取和写入程序 非常有用
CH341-I2C-labview-all-vision.rar - CH341A的I2C接口Labview all vision
CH341A-Labview-driver-VI.lib.rar - I2C与mens传感器通信应用ch341-I2C-labview