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NBTV_Source.zip - Source Code for programs used in the generation of radio transmittable sound frequencies used to generate signals for Narrow Band Television Receivers, (Note: the signal standard used in this system does not appear to match the one currently used as the default standard by the Narrow Band Television Association, but I can't verify incompatibility against real hardware at this time )
graham-pt.zip - Header File used to enable use of Proto-Threads in C applications (version created by Adam Dunkles for the Contiki Operating System)
SmallerC-master.zip - Smaller C is a simple and small single-pass C compiler, currently supporting most of the C language common between C89/ANSI C and C99, it generates 16-bit and 32-bit 80386+ assembly code for NASM that can then be assembled and linked into DOS, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X programs.

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JQAMv3Example.zip - J-QAM example that sends data using JQAM modem library
jqamv2_src.zip - QAM module to use in Java with an easy interface and powerful performance