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Reactive power compensator.rar - Reactive power compensator
inverter_pwm2.rar - This is disco converter
linetolinem222.rar - Converter for AC to AC
HEV_SeriesParallel.rar - SC boost converter for amplifiocation
parallel_battery_SC_boost_converter.rar - Parallel SC boost converter for DC to DC
HEV_SeriesParallel.rar - HEV file for capacitor and battery duaLITY

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ADP - 自适应动态规划matlab代码,包含HDP,DHP,ADHDP,ADDHP,亲测可用。
EMS_Microgrid.rar - 含风力发电、光伏、微型燃气轮机、储能的微电网能量管理,采用粒子群算法优化。 - DSM Simulation m-file - 萤火虫算法在分布式电源优化配置中应用 全部 很好的程序 只需换换节点数目就可以
firefly_simple.rar - 利用萤火虫算法对微网中各分布式电源进行优化调度,适合电力规划人员在规划中的应用 - A hybrid Firefly Algorithm (FA) and Pattern Search (PS) optimized fuzzy PID controller is proposed for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of multi area power systems. Initially a two area thermal system with Governor Dead Band (GDB) nonlinearity is considered and the gains of the fuzzy PID controller are optimized employing a hybrid FA and PS (hFA–PS) optimization technique. The supremacy of proposed hFA–PS over FA is also demonstrated. The advantage of the proposed fuzzy PID controller has been shown by comparing the results with some recently published techniques, such as Differential Evolution (DE) and Craziness based Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO). Further, sensitivity analysis is performed by varying the system parameters and operat - 微电网能量管理系统,能量优化,环境的预测
UCGEN.rar - Probabilistic energy and operation management of a microgrid containing wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell generation and energy storage devices based on point estimate method and Genetic algorithm
[计及需求响应的配电网短期负荷精细化预测].rar - 计及需求响应的配电网短期负荷精细化预测
gestion d'energie.rar - Energy management systems are also often commonly used by individual commercial entities to monitor, measure, and control their electrical building loads. Energy management systems can be used to centrally control devices like HVAC units and lighting systems across multiple locations, such as retail, grocery and restaurant sites. Energy management systems can also provide metering, submetering, and monitoring functions that allow facility and building managers to gather data and insight that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.
codes.rar - Home Energy Management systems using PSO - energy management in smart grid
Projet-Smart-grid1(REE).rar - Distributed generation of electricity currently has a very important development. Several renewable and free energy sources like the wind (windmills), solar (photovoltaic or thermal) are increasingly used to produce electricity locally on remote sites. Because of the fickleness of the wind and light, energy management is one of the major challenges in wind power systems from the grid, as well as PV-diesel systems. We present in this paper, the design and implementation of an electronic load control module and optimal management of production for hybrid energy systems while ensuring the efficient.
模糊算法控制开关阵列.zip - 用模糊算法控制开关阵列,实现微电网能量管理优化
家庭能量管理负荷优化调度.rar - 家庭能量管理负荷优化调度。计及光伏出力、储能对可平移负荷进行调度以实现节能效果。有注释。
Circuit.rar - New topology in boost converter called Anovel ZCZVT PWM BOOST CONVERTER
Direct_Torque_Control_-Matrix_Converter_Drives.ra - Direct Torque Control for Matrix Converter Drives PMSM DTC Matrix Converter
vectorcontrol3.rar - vectorcontrol3. sim. vfd cxsscrr njm
thesis111.rar - using Simulink complete vfd of induction motor design
pv-cell-wind-energy-and-fuell-cell-wih-fuzzy-logi - wind turbine analysis using matlab and simulink diagram for power generation