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TI-BQ25700-Driver.zip - TI BQ2570x drivers, including detail debugging information
printf-master.zip - 功能强大的自定义printf函数: int printf(const char* format, ...); int sprintf(char* buffer, const char* format, ...); int snprintf(char* buffer, size_t count, const char* format, ...); 支持浮点打印,支持long long打印
jsonx-master.zip - JSONX is an Erlang library for efficient JSON decoding and encoding, implemented in Erlang NIFs. Works with binaries as strings, arrays as lists and only knows how to decode UTF-8 (and ASCII).
crc_commons.zip - 通用CRC算法: crc4_itu crc5_epc crc5_itu crc5_usb crc6_itu crc7_mmc crc8 crc8_itu crc8_rohc crc8_maxim crc16_ibm crc16_maxim crc16_usb crc16_modbus crc16_ccitt crc16_ccitt_false crc16_x25 crc16_xmodem crc16_dnp crc32 crc32_mpeg_2
0.91_0.96_1.3_OLED_51_I2C.rar - C51 OLED驱动,通过I2C接口驱动,包含8x8和8x16的数字、字母和特殊符号

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51黑论坛_N76E003无线充电5W 程序 (2).rar - 无线充控制部分代码,可参考设计。不喜勿喷
C_Wireless_Charge.zip - STM8S103F3无线充电器充电管理程序
Keil-RTX.rar - keil 环境下的c51实时操作系统,可以直接使用。