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HerosPHP.zip - A free, open source, fast and elegant object-oriented lightweight PHP MVC development framework. With her, you can quickly build simple, easy-to-extend web applications.
fqqlxt.zip - A PHP network chat room system developed by PHP+MySQL. Main functions of QQ-like group chat system Unlimited Number Support to Solve QQ Group Number Limitation More extended functions will be opened one after another, which can be combined at will according to needs. Code open source, change at will.
gerenxinxi.zip - A personal information publishing platform focusing on aesthetics, ease of use and network standards. WordPress is free open source software, but its value cannot be measured by money. Using WordPress can build a powerful network information publishing platform, but more is applied to personalized blogs.
neirongguanli.zip - The framework is easy to expand, code maintenance and secondary development. Help developers to reduce the cost of secondary development simply and efficiently, and meet the needs of deep business development.
hudongzhanshi.zip - 以资源分享与会员互动为主,营造基于交流形式的的气氛。为发掘和推广网站资源不遗余力,助力有爱的站长和用户们走上正确的道路。
baoxiu.rar - Support and Wechat Public Signal Integration. After the students pay attention to it, they can report the malfunction. After repairing, the general affairs can dispatch orders. After the repairman receives the orders, he can repair them. The system supports secondary authentication
huiyiyuding.rar - The current status and reservation of each conference room can be known at any time through the Internet, which improves the utilization rate of the conference room and saves the time of conference organizers.
kaohe.zip - Departmental managers can submit detailed assessment forms online, check the department's assessment data, and count the number and proportion of each assessment grade. Background administrators can manage and query data. Employees can login to the system to check their own assessment results and details of each assessment project.
erweima.zip - It can generate two-dimensional codes in batches according to its own rules, such as digital self-incremental two-dimensional codes, random two-dimensional codes, and batch two-dimensional codes by date.
wenjuan.zip - Accounting personnel only need to set up simple settings in the background. Employees can log in to fill in their accounts. Statisticians can check the employees'filling out situation in the background at any time, and can export the data filled by employees into EXCEL files by one key.

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isar3.zip - ISAR雷达实验报告,包括基本原理和部分matlab代码
44240662.zip - 关于ISAR运动补偿和SAR成像的matlab 源程序 不错的
ISARcode.rar - ISAR成像例程,对Yak42飞机数据经过包络对齐和相位校正后进行成像。
zhuantaimubiao.rar - isar转台仿真,仿真转目标成像,观察目标的三维图,等高图,距离压缩后的等高图
Chapter5.rar - ISAR成像第五章5.4例程,产生个飞机散点图,通过仿真获得其回拨,并做处理
Compensate.zip - ISAR成像中的初相校正算法,主要包括了单特显点法和多特显点法。
ISARcode.zip - ISAR成像 包络对齐采用相关法对齐,相位聚焦采用多普勒中心跟踪法 和秩估计法
ISAR.rar - 逆合成孔径雷达,互相关法包络对齐,单特显点法初相校正,Matlab仿真。
PGA.rar - 功能[DATAOUT]= PGA(DATAIN),执行相位梯度 %ISAR自动对焦。 % %DATAIN ISAR范围内的实时数据。 DATAOUT%范围内的实时数据已被删除平移 %相位误差。 % %参考: %D.E.瓦尔,P.H.艾歇尔,特区吉利亚,C.V. Jakowatz,“相 %梯度自聚焦一个强大的工具,用于高分辨率SAR相 %修正“,硕士论文。航空。&电子系统,第30卷,3,1994。
dechirp_test.zip - 相位梯度法自聚焦,用来处理仿真点目标数据
juliduizhun.rar - 程序包中包含了ISAR几种常见的距离对准函数,输入函数是未对准的时间(脉冲序列)-距离像;
isar.zip - 散射点成像 isar 成像效果良好 注释完整 本人毕业设计做的 希望大师指点
WVD_AF_isar.zip - 将WVD应用于ISAR中的程序,对其进行参数估计。非常完整。
isar.rar - isar的具体步骤 包括距离和多普勒向压缩 最后生成的isar图像
isar.zip - 逆合成孔径雷达matlab仿真 包括三个小程序 仿真了包络补偿和相位补偿 以及距离和方位向成像
ISAR1copy.rar - ISAR 二维成像(包含运动补偿)数据来源于网上
METHODIsar.zip - isar成像之前做的,用于回波数据的处理,比较有用的
motion_compensation_ISAR.rar - 程序内包含所有主要的ISAR成像运动补偿方法。 其中,包络对齐方法包括:1、积累互相关法 2、最小熵法 3、模一法 4、模二法。相位校正方法包括:1、相邻相位差法(多普勒中心)2、单特显点法
ISAR单特显点法相位补偿.rar - isar 单特点法相位补偿,可以对相位进行运动补偿
点目标飞机模型isar成像.zip - isar成像,含外场数据,可以模拟成像效果,已经测试过了,可以使用