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Upload log: - Stabilizing and Optimizing Control for Time-Delay Systems - Mono- and Multivariable Control and Estimation
K23039_Web_Download (2).zip - Optimal Networked Control Systems with MATLAB - Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems - This thesis contains the synthesis, analysis and simulation results of an automatic optimal voltage controller for - kumbasart-type-2-fuzzy-logic-systems-matlab-toolbox-201c8ab - A robust phase synchronization system is essential for operating a voltage source converter connected to the electrical grid. - As theworlds energy demand rises togetherwith a global awareness over climate-changes due to burning of fossil fuel, and disasters due to accidents at nuclear power plants, the demand for renewable energy grows.
347624_ATTACHMENT01 (1).zip - feedback approaches are described in detail and discussed. a multi-loop H infinity optimal tuning method.

Download log: - Matlab Package for Estimation of distribution algorithm
surshrHEDA.rar - 基于直方图的分布估计算法matlab源程序,测试函数选用的是30维函数
misc.rar - Probability distribution functions. estimation - (dir) Probability distribution estimation. dsamp - Generates samples from discrete distribution. erfc2 - Normal cumulative distribution function. gmmsamp - Generates sample from Gaussian mixture model. gsamp - Generates sample from Gaussian distribution. cmeans - C-means (or K-means) clustering algorithm. mahalan - Computes Mahalanobis distance. pdfgauss - Computes probability for Gaussian distribution. pdfgmm - Computes probability for Gaussian mixture model. sigmoid - Evaluates sigmoid function. - 配电网辐射状DG的定址定容代码,基于MATLAB语音编写,效率较高
Cuckoo_Search.rar - A Novel Heuristic Algorithm based on Cuckoo Search for Multi-Objective Optimization - BBO Algorithm, biogepgraphy optimization algorithm used to solve any optimization problem - 布谷鸟搜索算法[CuckooSearch(CS)],也叫杜鹃搜索,是由剑桥大学Xin-SheYang(杨新社)教授和S.Deb于2009年提出的一种新兴启发算法CS算法通过模拟某些种属布谷鸟(CuckooSpecies)的寄生育雏(BroodParasitism)来有效地求解最优化问题的算法.同时,CS也采用相关的Levy飞行搜索机制。 - 此程序为,布谷鸟搜索算法优化小波神经网络,适合初学者,看一下就明白。
cuckoo.rar - cuckoo optimization algorithm - Search for optimal points using heuristic method - 简单的基于matlab的启发式搜索算法。
光伏并网MATLAB模型.zip - 一些入门的并网控制系统,含光伏和储能部分。 - Copyright (c) 2016, indraneel saki ( indranil saaki ) All rights reserved.
LMI-conditions-for-robust-stability.rar - 线性矩阵不等式很好的程序,是一个值得学习的程序
new2015work1-LMI.rar - 一个关于线性矩阵不等式LMI的算法,简要介绍如何编程和求解的。
MADB.rar - 网络控制中最大时延的不同计算方法比较,用于确定采样间隔,可用于网络化控制系统的稳定性判别与调度边界确定 - H.S.Park, D-S.Kim, and W.H.Kwon "A Scheduling Method for Network-based Control Systems", IEEE Transaction on Control System Technology, Vol.10, No.3, pp. 318-330, May, 2002 (Simulation Example 1- Matlab Code)
sestem.rar - 分布式系统分析分布式系统分析设计设计分布式系统分析设计 - D-S.Kim, Y.S.Lee, W.H.Kwon, and H.S.Park, "Maximum Allowable Delay Bounds in Networked Control Systems", Control Engineering Practice (Elsvier Science) (Simulation Example - Matlab Code), PP.1301-1313, Vol.11, Issue 11, December, 2003
Networked-Control-Systems.rar - 关于改进设计的状态反馈控制器的网络控制系统,详细的对参数的改变进行了设计。