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SelfBalancing Robot.rar - This is a stm32f401 project in Atollic True Studio for Self-Balancing Robot with source code files in C.
Inverter codes.rar - This is stm32 code for spwm, 180 and svpwm inverter
project MIPS.rar - This is verilog code for 32 bit Single Cycle MIPS.

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Crack_QII_14.0_Windows.rar - quartus 14.0 的破解文件 最新版本的破解文件
Altera.Complete.Design.Suite.v11.0.SP1-SPYRAL-Cra - altera quartus 11 sp1 crack
Altera_QuartusII_13.0_Windows_Crack.rar - quartus 13.0 的破解文件 最新版本的破解文件