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1_30857%20-%20IJCSE%20ok%201-7.rar - This paper describes an algorithm for computationally generating holograms along with methods to fabricate the hologram. Holography has since made a jump from optics tables to computers
HoloRec3D.rar - Digital Holography (DH) is a 3-D imaging technique which has been widely developed during the past few decades thanks to the enormous advances in digital imaging and computer technology.
R5.rar - This paper describes methods and procedures for real-time rendering of high-resolution 3D stereoscopic graphics using an improved 3D OpenGL accelerator on PC platform. The hardware architecture and software development of the stereoscopic accelerator are first analyzed, followed by in detail description of SDK of stereo display control for Windows NT.
stereoscopy.rar - High-resolution stereoscopic display has become one of the most important technologies for embodying immersion in virtual environment
holo_s11.rar - Holograms are ubiquitous and the word \holography" part of our common lexicon.

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GPS-master (2).zip - this is the file of gps anti spoofing
smamt.zip - 对于智能天线的设计仿真 包含有详细的说明,不错的源码
esprit_doa_estimation_bts.rar - espirit based doa estimation for smart antenna system
gps.rar - 自适应调零天线GPS抗干扰技术研究简析,介绍了智能天线的gps应用
planar_array_gui.rar - smart antenna planer array matlab code
smart_manet.zip - This is work for comparison of Smart Antenna and Omni directional Antenna for MANET
beamforming-master.zip - Beamforming for smart antenna
AntennesIntelligentesAnalytique.rar - Smart antenna distance of arrival plotting
smartantennaBTS_receiver.rar - smart antenna system bts receiver
DS_Beamforming.rar - 基于均匀圆形麦克风阵列模型的延时-求和波束赋形成
partD.zip - 四阵元理想情况下情况下,来波方向为30度时,波束赋形
partC.zip - 四阵元理想情况下情况下,来波方向为30度,干扰信号方向为45度时,各阵元波形
partA.zip - 四阵元无噪声干扰理想情况下,智能天线波束赋形
partB.zip - 四阵元理想情况下情况下,来波方向为30度时,各阵元波形
CouplingCoefficient.rar - Coupling coefficient analysis
3.20 基于Hough变换的人眼虹膜定位方法.rar - 针对利用Hough变换实现虹 膜定位时遇到的一些问题提出了相应的解决方案。为减少Hough变换的计算量,本算法采用了"先采样后变换"、"由粗到精"的方法;为提高可靠性、减小噪 声影响,算法利用了虹膜内外边界之间的耦合关系以缩小在边界参数空间内的搜索范围。在MAT-LAB软件环境下的试验表明,算法取得了良好的效果。
smart-antenna-system-algorithm.zip - 智能天线系统自适应波束形成算法(RLS,LMS)仿真matlab源程序
Smart_Antenna_System.rar - Smart Antenna System souce code
smart-antenna-simulation.zip - 智能天线matlab仿真源程序,用于算法的研究