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k-means5.rar - This repository contains the Information about Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem (HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop etc..) projects complete tutorial.
k-means4.rar - Simply speaking, it recommends items similar to the items he likes before.
k-means3.rar - Collaborative filtering based on item is used to evaluate the similarity between item by different users' scores of different item, and the recommendation is based on the similarity between item.
k-means2.rar - Simply speaking, it recommends other users' favorite items to users similar to their interests.
k-means.rar - Based on user collaborative filtering, users' similarity is evaluated by different users' ratings of items, and recommendations are made based on similarity between users.

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大数据_协同过滤_梯度下降.rar - 给定10000个用户和他们对10000个电影的评价,然后通过协同过滤或梯度下降算法,用训练集训练数据,预测出用户对未看的电影的评分,并与测试集对比验证预测结果的准确性