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m_sense.rar - 在流域水文模型计算中,用于分析参数明敏感性

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滑动T检验.rar - 此程序为计算滑动T检验的Matlab程序,简单好用,望大家支持 - Bayesian Estimation of Markov Switching Models based on Fruehwirth-Schattner (WU-Wien).
EM-TGM-GAMP-(1).rar - An Efficient Bayesian PAPR Reduction Method for OFDM-Based Massive MIMO Systems
EM_GM.rar - Smoothed bootstrap Newcomb s speed-of-light data are used in the book Bayesian Data Analysis b
Reversible_Jump_MCMC_Bayesian_Model_Selection.rar - This demo nstrates the use of the reversible jump MCMC algorithm for neural networks. It uses a hierarchical full Bayesian model for neural networks. This model treats the model dimension (number of neurons), model parameters, regularisation parameters and noise parameters as random variables that need to be estimated. The derivations and proof of geometric convergence are presented, in detail, in: Christophe Andrieu, Nando de Freitas and Arnaud Doucet. Robust Full Bayesian Learning for Neural Networks. Technical report CUED/F-INFENG/TR 343, Cambridge University Department of Engineering, May 1999. After downloading the file, type "tar -xf rjMCMC.tar" to uncompress it. This creates the directory rjMCMC containing the required m files. Go to this directory, load matlab5 and type "rjdemo1". In the header of the demo file, one can select to monitor the simulation progress (with par.doPlot=1) and modify the simulation parameters.
Bayesian_parameter_est.rar - 贝叶斯参数估计 输入:train_patterns, train_targets, sigma 输出:均值,协方差
Bayesian-estimation-program.rar - 贝叶斯估计 和极大似然估计的matlab程序
KPLLI.rar - Bayesian estimation methods matlab program, this is a simple example
Bayesian_Model_Comparison.rar - In statistics, the use of Bayes factors is a Bayesian alternative to classical hypothesis testing.Bayesian model comparison is a method of model selection based on Bayes factors.
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning.rar - Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning教材的源代码,非常经典,值得学习! - structure EM算法 bayesian network structure learning
Bayesian.rar - Bayesian Inference and Poisson Distribution
Monte-Carlo-method-.rar - 蒙特卡罗方法在由已知分布的随机抽样中的应用
Monte_Carlo_Sampling00(11).rar - 蒙特卡罗抽样,拟合响应面方程,算失效率,概率密度,灵敏度 - 马尔可夫蒙特卡罗抽样程序,可供统计学使用