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KDJ2.rar - Common KDJ indicators are used in foreign exchange transactions.
rovid.rar - Very easy to use EA, simple modification can make money.
#MurreyMath-TimeFrame~.rar - TimeFrame.Modified,MurreyMath-TimeFrame
AllOrdersControl.mq4.zip - A very useful indicator that can predict the direction of foreign exchange.
XMT-Scalper_v2.46.zip - XMT-Scalper v. 2.46 The EA was originally based on the EA MillionDollarPips - but now totally rewritten from scratch. Not much remains from the original, except the core idea of the trading strategy.

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Ghidorah Forex EA T2.01_源码.rar - 这是一个基于顺势加仓的EA,可做震荡,突破,趋势行情,但要合理设置 参数, EA只是工具,就像AK47一样,用得好枪口对着敌人就是克敌制胜,用不好,枪口 对着自己那就只有是自毙的份了