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New WinRAR archive.rar - Power distribution networks are typically structured in a radial topology with extra tie switches to allow for a manual reconfiguration in case of unexpected failure or scheduled maintenance. With the implementation of the smart grid, it is now realistic to also consider the power demand fluctuation and have real-time reconfiguration of the network to always operate in the optimal topology, minimizing distribution losses. In this paper, we propose the use of a genetic algorithm to find the optimal configuration of the network
New WinRAR archive.rar - This paper investigates the concept of network reconfiguration by considering the seasonal load change on feeders. The author tried to establish that the reconfiguration of networks can be carried out for load balancing during the seasonal change in loads depicted by the chronological load curves of the feeders. In electrical power distribution systems, some feeders supply consumers with the same type of loads in particular areas
New WinRAR archive - Copy (3).rar - Feeder reconfiguration (FRC) is an important function of distribution automation system. It modifies the topology of distribution network through changing the open/close statuses of tie switches and sensationalizing switches. The change of topology redirects the power flow within the distribution network, in order to obtain a better performance of the system.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (2).rar - The feeder reconfiguration problem chooses the on/off status of the switches in a distribution network in order to minimize a certain cost such as power loss. It is a mixed integer nonlinear program and hence hard to solve. A popular heuristic search consists of repeated application of branch exchange, where some loads are transferred from one feeder to another feeder while maintaining the radial structure of the network, until no load transfer can further reduce the cost.
Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration.rar - his paper presents a methodology to determine the optimal distribution system feeder reconfiguration and distributed generation placement simultaneously, and is optimal in that the system reliability is maximized. An important consideration of optimal distribution system feeder reconfiguration is the effect of the variable output of intermittent resources.
Reliability Constrained Distribution Feeder.rar - This paper presents a path-based mixed integer quadratic programming (MIQP) formulation of distribution feeder reconfiguration (DFR) for loss minimization and reliability enhancement. Analytical expressions for standard reliability indices like SAIFI and EDNS are obtained by adopting standard assumptions regarding component failures.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (2).rar - This paper analyses the impact of smart grid (SG) automation and reconfiguration functionalities on supply interruptions and voltage dips due to faults in medium voltage (MV) distribution systems. The analysis is illustrated using feeder automation and reconfiguration techniques adopted in Italy for fault detection and isolation, with reference to a simple MV homogeneous and symmetrical test network.

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