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New WinRAR archive - Copy.rar - In this paper the multi-objective technique for Distribution Network (DN) reconfiguration in existence of Distribution Generation system (DGs) using an Integrated Gravitational Search Algorithm (IGSA) is proposed. The novel technique is intended to improve the traditional GSA. It glistens with glittering qualities such as the augmented searching skills, incredible dip in intricacy together the randomization.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (7).rar - N-1 security criteria is a key principle for distribution operation. However, it is hardly taken into account in modern distribution feeder reconfiguration models, which cannot satisfy security margin demands. To address this fundamental problem, this paper develops a new stochastic reconfiguration method for distribution network considering N-1 security and net loss. Firstly, three indexes-average value, variance, variation coefficient-of security distance are proposed to express the N-1 security margin of the whole system based on distribution system security region (DSSR).
New WinRAR archive - Copy (6).rar - Despite the advantages of distributed generations (DGs) in electrical networks, they make some unwanted changes in network short-circuit levels which make new security risks arise. This imposes several new scenarios on the network operation in the presence of DGs. In addition to the mentioned security concerns, reducing network loss is among the objectives constantly sought by system operators. Therefore, this study discusses both the reconfiguration of a distribution network for efficient operation and protection coordination in the form of a multi-objective optimisation problem.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (5).rar - This research work presents an effective technique for optimal placement of Photo-voltaic (PV) array and network reconfiguration in Radial Distribution Network (RDN) simultaneously to diminish the total real power loss and enhance the voltage level of the network.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (4).rar - This paper presents a novel combinational approach to network reconfiguration and DG installation problems for power loss minimization in distribution network. A multi swarm cooperative population based PSO method is used keeping in view the complexity of maintaining the radial structure and operational constraints. Multi swarm cooperative particle swarm optimization (MC-PSO) algorithm is an extension of PSO algorithm which is based on the cooperative behavior of different organisms living in an eco-system for surviving.
New WinRAR archive - Copy (3).rar - Power distribution networks are typically structured in a radial topology with extra tie switches to allow for a manual reconfiguration in case of unexpected failure or scheduled maintenance. With the implementation of the smart grid, it is now realistic to also consider the power demand fluctuation and have real-time reconfiguration of the network to always operate in the optimal topology, minimizing distribution losses

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