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simulationbook.rar - MPC book simulation of vsi
untitled3233.rar - mpc with grid inverter
Droopnew.rar - matlab model for microgrid with droop

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research.rar - 2016_Design test of a hybrid energy storage system for primary frequency control using dynamic droop method in an isolated microgrid power system
14 bus - During past decades, power systems have been managed conventionally. This system includes generation and transmission companies. Recent strategy of the our country has result in changes in the management system and the traditional companies, so they turned to various private companies; The competition between companies has increased productivity and reduced production costs and ultimately increased social welfare.
Energy_management.rar - energy management of smart grid with EV
Optimal_ESS_Allocation_for_Bene?t.rar - Smart grids have been emerging nowadays as an initiative to operate modern distribution systems in a more economic and efficient way. Energy storage systems (ESSs) are one of the promising technologies that can achieve the goals of smart grids via facilitating the connection of renewable sources, improving system reliability, and controlling the net demand through peak load shaving, etc.
HVDC文档.rar - 基于模型预测控制的孤岛微电网二次调节策略,模型预测控制; 二次调节策略; 状态空间模型; 滚动优化; 反馈校正
delay_in_fuhuilu.rar - 当传输延迟位于副回路时的串级控制系统阶跃响应的simulink仿真。
Apply-the-fuzzy-control-theory.rar - 摘要:将模糊控制理论应用于UPFC控制器的设计中,设计了主、辅两个模糊控制器.其中主控制器以UPFC串联侧输出电压的横向分量和纵向分量分别控制线路的有功与无功,以并联侧输出电流的横向分量和纵向分量分别控制节点电压和直流侧电容电压,而辅助控制器以线路功率作为反馈输入 - battery charging discharging model in matlab - 电池充放电MATLAB模型 - Battery charging and discharging system withe bidirectional power stage. - solar charge controller code
The battery charging - 电池充电模型的搭建,可以对电池进行充电同时故障时可对负载供电,可运行。
07372996 .rar - Dynamic modelling of battery charging using simulink - simulation model of battery energy system with charging and discharging constraints - BMS的simulink模型,电池模型,能够实现SOC估算,效果还不错
MPCCONTORLOFPMSM.rar - In this study, a current model predictive controller (MPC) is designed for a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) where the speed of the motor can be regulated precisely.
MPC逆变器电流跟踪控制.zip - 通过模型预测控制(MPC)对单相逆变器进行电流跟踪控制 - MATLAB SIMULATION OF FOUR LEG MPC USEFUL
fddoc.rar - In this work an attempt is made to develop a STATCOM controller with MPC and the performance is analyzed by using MPC toolbox in MATLAB/Simulink