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lib-weka-libsvm-wlsvm.zip - Data mining : see shuchengc weka-example
JAX-RS-Hello-World-Jersey-Example.zip - we show you how to develop a simple hello world REST web application with Jersey
soapui-maven-template-master.zip - This is an example project of executing a simple mock webservice in SoapUI, and a unit test suite, using Maven.
jfreechart-1.0.0-demo.zip - JFreeChart is a comprehensive free chart library for the Java(tm) platform that can be used on the client-side (JavaFX and Swing) or the server side
LFalch_s_1st_Crackme (1).zip - Download LFalch_s_1st_Crackme.zip, 4 kb (password: crackmes.de)
LFalchSolution.zip - LFalch Solution http://crackmes.cf/users/lfalch/lfalchs_1st_crackme/

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wlsvm.zip - 嵌入weka中使用的支持向量机工具包,实现SVM的分类算法,
jxbrowser-6.14.2-refineCrack.rar - java面板使用的浏览器插件,Cracked,直接使用