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开关变换器的时间平均等效电路建模.zip - Boost时间平均模型的具体资料,开关变换器的状态空间平均建模和分析方法存在计算复杂、物理概念不清晰和不直观的缺点。为了简化开关变换器的建模和分析,更直观、方便的分析开关变换器电路,有必要研究开关变换器的等效电路建模和分析方法

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21__430_436.rar - The generating systems use Doubly-Fed Induction Generators (DFIGs) to achieve high conversion efficiency and to reduce the installation cost. This paper presents a modeling and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control method of DFIG-based variable-speed wind energy conversion system. The generator considered is a wound rotor induction machine whose stator is connected directly to the grid and the rotor is fed through back-to-back Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) converters. Stator flux-oriented vector control is applied to control the active and reactive current loops independently. The MPPT control method in a Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) is proposed. The proposed control solution aims at driving the position of the operating point near to optimality. This is a very important aspect to maintain DFIGs efficiently in a variable wind speed. The wind generator is modeled in RSCAD program which is interfaced with the Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS).
hvdccc.rar - 230/100 kv hvdc system. active and reavtive power control
NCEPU_HVDC.rar - 华北电力大学高压直流输电HVDC系统,matlab仿真程序
HVDC-matlab-1.rar - HVDC高压直流输电matlab仿真,MMC结构,有控制器
MMCeinphasig6models_7levels.zip - 模块化多电平整流器中,单相七电平整流器的仿真模块 。
MTDC.zip - 基于VSC-HVDC的多端柔性直流输电系统小信号模型及解耦控制
Control-of-Multi-terminal-VSC-HVDC.zip - Given these two interests for HVDC in the Norwegian offshore, the use of Multiterminal HVDC (MTDC) is a potential solution for the integration of the wind farms and oil/gas platforms into the onshore grid. Control systems for multiterminal HVDC (MTDC) networks should be developed and their operation be analyzed. First controllers for two-terminal HVDC connected to different types of AC grids must be developed and analyzed. Then this must be extended to develop control of multiterminal HVDC system. Models should be developed in PSCAD/EMTDC simulation software and results should be analyzed to validated proposed control schemes.
hvdc_vsc.zip - HVDC link with presence of Static VAR Compensator (SVC) in MATLAB/SIMULINK
MMC_7levels_HVDC.zip - MATLAB仿真程序,基于直流输电系统(HVDC)的MMC(modular multilevel converter)结构变流系统。程序主要包括主变流部分及其控制部分,MMC为7电平结构。程序测试OK。
Three_MTDC_model.zip - 自己弄的多端直流配电网的仿真模型,是支撑自己小论文的东东。仿真环境是用的matlab。
boost小信号建模.rar - Boost电路小信号建模全过程!!!!十分详细!!!