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Upload log: - DESCRIPTION For those who are likely to have an old pc and paschal turbo .... Made from blocktail yahoo many years ago - DESCRIPTION tag wav tag wav software wav tag editor this little program allows you to tag WAV sound files. The choice is possible between: ID3, used by Audacity for example ID1, recognized by windows 10. You can move from one zone to another. A double pane of reading writing tags is usable not to seize several times the same information example: the Album of several titles. A pane informs about the header of the files and various tags present. It is possible to import export tags into dedicated files. A possibility of repairing WAV files is provided. A tracking log provides precise information on the position of the tags in the WAV file. The compiled program is present as file.ex_

Download log: - HexEdit by me. Thanks for watching
hexeditor.rar - 16进制编辑器的DELPHI 7.0 控件源码
HexEditor.rar - HexEditor for Edit Execute files - 16进制HEX编辑器DELPHI控件源码。
HEXEDIT.rar - delphi二进制控件 常用于灰鸽子等的插件应以哦那个
RSA加密算法DEMO delphi.rar - RSA加密算法DEMO For Delphi
DCP.rar - 加密控件Encryption Controls
RSA_delphi.rar - Delphi版的RSA算法库,很好用的说
BlowFish.rar - 完整的blowfish算法加密例子,用delphi编写
Morphine.rar - Morphine加壳加密Delphi源代码,很不错哦
blowfish-delphi7.rar - blowfish加密算法,用Dephi的Object Pascal语言编写
AES.rar - aes算法 支持字符串 文件加密密
RSA.rar - Delphi RSA加密控件,非常好用,正在找Delphi版本加密的可以试试
cc.rar - 简单的字符串加解密函数,做成单元,方便调用
delphijbdes.rar - delphi 3DES算法源码, 编程语言:delphi
AES-delphi.rar - delphi 实现AES加密过程.与具体算法..
tea.rar - delphi tea (MasterKey: TTeaKey128,data:TLong64) 加密源程序
Blowfish.rar - delphi实现的blowfish分组算法的加解密,有图形界面,大家多指教! - Delphi加密控件源码,包括对称钥匙加密控件和散列函数控件 - 的死哦发送达方式大的死哦发送达方式大的死哦发送达方式大的死哦发送达方式大的死哦发送达方式大的死哦发送达方式大