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which - which languages are usefull on which project chart - Java Fast File Copy using NIO in txt file - some sorting algorithms in txt format - hexadecimans snake game java - quick sort written in c on txt file

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Least-Slack-Time.tar.gz - It is written in C programming language. Problem: Building and simulating a Least-Slack-Time scheduler using linked list and stack data structures Description: In time shared systems, tasks submitted to the system are assigned to a limited number of processors for execution in a time shared manner. Time allocation of processors to tasks is known as scheduling prob- lem. One of the most prevalent scheduling policy employed in embedded systems is Least-Slack-Time ¯ rst. The policy always executes the task hav- ing the least runtime left. In this assignment, you are expected to write a C console program simulating a Least-Slack-Time ¯ rst scheduler on a single processor system. The functionalities and constraints are speci¯ ed below.