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STM32bluepillarduinoguide(1).rar - STM32 with arduino library file for ide - Color sensor working for arduino library file - free rtos for arduino ide - CAN Board module with rfid

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DCT-Video-Compression.rar - 基于matlab平台,通过DCT算法来对视频进行压缩。代码包括视频分解成帧,DCT算法压缩,帧合成视频,以及综合的视频压缩M文件,可以直接仿真。有相应的图片,以及压缩前后的视频,还有原理word报告。 - 使用混合高斯模型对肝脏CT图片分四类,并显示分类结果。
work.rar - 基于手部轮廓的手势识别方法,有详细的大量的图片和以及详细的源代码
57776151asmPaam.rar - 基于matlab的手势识别算法设计。改设计是在matlab平台进行的。很好用。
HANDRecognition.rar - hand gesture of , classification and recongnition
SEIG.rar - 自建自励异步发电机simulink模型,有励磁。
SIEGMATAB_mir.rar - Simulation of self excited machine with matlab software , user friendly mmmmmm nnnnn oooo ppppp - 并励直流发电机自激,编了一阵子采编出来的
Shunt-excited-DC-generator.rar - 里面包含几个并励直流发电机自激的程序,既有m文件,也有simulink仿真,运行结果正确。 - Model simulink od self excited induction generator drive by wind turbine
hand-gesture-recognition.rar - Pattern recognition and Gesture recognition are the growing fields of research. Being a significant part in non verbal communication hand gestures are playing vital role in our daily life. Hand Gesture recognition system provides us an innovative, natural, user friendly way of interaction with the computer which is more familiar to the human beings. Its main steps are discussed in the following: Image Segmentation Orientation Detection Features extraction Thumb detection: Finger region detection: Euclidean distance: Classification and bits generation
handGestureRecognition.rar - This is the code for hand gesture recognition for tape uses SVM and ANN for classification. - It can be used for hand gesture recognition
Hand-Gesture-Recognition.rar - Hand Gesture Recognition NOTES: 1) For the details of the algorithm investigate the following images: -AlgorithmOverall.jpg -MKRoDAlgorithm.jpg 2) The prototype is implemented on MATLAB 7.0 and revised in MATLAB 7.10.0 3) The backgrounds of input images have to be purely ‘black’ and the details of the content(palms, fingers) must be clear for accurate recognition of the ASL. 4) A reduced ASL dataset is used. The dataset contains the following ASL gestures: "b,c,h,i,o,l,y". ---------------------------------------------------------------- Use execHGR.m inside the Project folder in order to execute the program. I hope you will enjoy it.
Llfault.rar - fault finding in power system analysis
xiugaid.rar - 三相交流故障模型 用matlab搭建的一个系统 十分实用 可直接用于故障测距
NLPCArec.rar - the function which finds fault location
location0506.rar - 输电线路双端不同步故障测距程序,matlab的程序,利用两端数据计算故障距离 - 单端频域法故障测距程序,采用零序电流相位修正法,精度较好