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STM32bluepillarduinoguide(1).rar - STM32 with arduino library file for ide - Color sensor working for arduino library file - free rtos for arduino ide - CAN Board module with rfid

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PSO.rar - PSO image segmentation
Attitude-Control-of-Spinning-Satellite.rar - simulate multivariable system control. Attitude Control of Spinning Satellite Subject to Actuators Restriction Using EigenStructure Assignment.
wiener.rar - 这是本人编写的一个利用维纳滤波实现语音增强的程序.在输入语音信噪比不是很低的情况下,效果不错. - Image processing. Apply Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform first, then Local Directional Pattern. Use 2D image. - video synopsis using sedim
HM10Remote.rar - Transformation program that performs a type mega324 microcontroller + bluetooth HM10 in a remote - hm10,hm11 bluetooth aplication
BLE-CC254x-1.3.rar - TI的CC2541 BLE相关源码包,方便蓝牙4.0开发