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TASM.rar - MEGA Pack of games (source code included) written in Turbo Assembler (TASM) under DOS/WinXP. Full hardware low-level things are used: VESA VBE graphics + Adlib Sound + Keyboard I/O ports. Recommended for low-level programs, students and entusiasts.
Gradius.rar - Full sources + sprites + sounds for game remake "Gradius 3", written in Open Watcom C. Platform DOS32 (DOS+ PMODEW DOS extender). - Programming example for Yamaha FM Synthesizer YMF825 for Arduino and another microcontroller system. - SD card + FAT file system demo example for STM32 microcontroller family. Keil MDK ARM project - Media Player for STM32F4xx microcontrollers
IMA.rar - Portable IMA ADPCM codec (coder+decoder), written Open WATCOM C language
mp3_decoder.rar - Portable C software MP3-decoder, written in OpenWatcom C. Very fast and effective

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UG.rar - 优景彩屏资料UG-6028GDEAF01和开发文档SEPS525,很齐全 - 本代码提供一种非常简单且快速的哈夫曼编码方法。
audio - 用于从SD读取到解码播放的整套音频播放器代码,平台基于STM32,支持FLAC,MP3,APE等等格式
Losslesscoding.rar - SPIHT and arithmatic coding - Implementation of Integerwavelet transform Plus SPIHT encoding for an image
SPIHT_01-02-2009_Hesham.rar - a very handy code to compress gray scale images useing spiht algorithm - 2D SPIHT 2D SPIHT 2D SPIHT
spiht_code.rar - spiht压缩编码的源代码
2d-Wavelet.rar - 2维小波算法,使用VC++实现,非常有用的程序。
wavelet-in-image-processing.rar - “小波分析及其在图像处理中的应用”电子书,书后附录有若干图像处理中常用算法的C++程序
wavelet-1d-2d.rar - vc++实现的一维和二维的小波变换代码,运行流畅,清晰易懂
WaveletTransform.rar - wavelet transform .this file is able to solve 1D or 2D wavelet transform
fwt2d_demo.rar - 小波变换源码,国外VC开发的,效果比较好 I ve been involved with wavelet-analysis since my Ph.D studies and over the years developed various wavelet-transforms C++ libraries. This one concerns 2D implementation of the Fast wavelet transform (FWT). The 2D FWT is used in image processing tasks like image compression, denoising and fast scaling. I intended to design the implementation of the 2D FWT with custom filter support and simple in usage. I ve equipped it with known filter families: Daubechies, Coiflets and Biorthogonal wavelets. The wavelets used in compression tasks are Bior53 and Bior97. With Daub1 filter you can achieve fast dyadic image scaling algorithm. You may also experiment with other filters for compression and denoising and compare the results, you may also add your custom wavelets. The nice feature of this library is that reconstruction FWT filters are rearranged the way that you perform just convolution operations on the spectrum, which is very important if you d like MMX - JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding, DCT, quantization, encoding entropic, huffman, arithmetique, wavelets coefficients
jpeg.rar - 基于jpeg2000的源码实现,可以用于一般的bmp图像编码
Kakadu_V2.2.3.rar - jpeg2000 encoder & decoder by KAKADU
jasper-1.900.1.rar - jpeg2000 decoder .It is finish.
BF533_decoder_JPEG2000.rar - 基于adi公司 blackfin533 dsp的JPEG 2000的解码程序,以C语言和汇编编写
arith_decoder_JPEG2000.rar - adsp-bf533 blackfin jpeg20000压缩源码
x264_test.rar - 264编码器的测试exe,可以根据命令行参数编码