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1303.2817.rar - new research paper on
optimization_in_scilab.rar - optimisation techniques used
Tutorial Session - 1 (T1).rar - new tuturial session
Janos_CPS.rar - new cyber physical security measures
4 Buffer Overflow & Software Security.rar - m-mimo used to cinvey
3GPP LTE - Steve.rar - contain 3gpp specifiaction about lte

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Artificial-noise.rar - 基于人工噪声的协同通信系统安全性研究,计算系统的误码率
SOP_vs_K.zip - Performance of Full-Duplex Cooperative systems with single relay selection under Physical Layer Security
report_example.rar - Comparison of Zero-Forcing Beamforming and Zero-Forcing Dirty-Paper Coding In Single-Cell MultiuserMIMO System
zero_forcing_eq.rar - Perform zero forcing sumulations
Z.rar - This is matlab code for zero forcing detector in coopertive relay mimo system
figure9_n.rar - Abstract—In this paper, we analyzed the impact of the hardware impairments at the relay node in amplifying and forwarding based cooperative networks. Especially, the accurate expression for the outage probability is proven with respect to the level of hardware impairments for Rayleigh fading channels. Moreover, we uate the system’s performance in term of the throughput which depends on the antenna noise, transmission rate and the source’s transmission power. Finally, the Monte-Carlo simulation’s result verifies the analysis in order to propose system’s design with the acceptable impairment of hardware in physical which can ensure the communication’s quality.
FINAL_VERSION.rar - On the performance of zero-forcing processing in multi-way massive MIMO relay networks
Two-Stage.zip.zip - 实现二阶混合预编码,基于低维数字迫零预编码,在瑞利信道下应用该系统
MassiveMIMO.zip - Matlab code for Massive mimo simulation with MMSE channele estimation and Approximate message passing: a comparison
massive-MIMO-small-cells-master.zip - Massive mimo hardware impairments
massive-MIMO-hardware-impairments-master.zip - massive MIMO hardware impairments master
icassp2014_transceiver_impairments-master.zip - transceiver impariments for massive mimo