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n183.rar - description lanhguae is using c++
n242.rar - description of tubo languae
t074.rar - visual foxpro programming
h267.rar - using matlab langage of
h180.rar - developming of uasing matlab
h047.rar - programming C# languae
k008.rar - programming languae of
n428.rar - GSM reading book in the would
le015.rar - internet mobile game programming using matlab
n495.rar - dos programming using matlab
n459.rar - matlab programming for windows vista
n433.rar - mathimatics -numerical algorithms for wireless sensor network
n274.rar - graphic for wireless sensor network

Download log: - 樽海鞘群体优化算法,一种新的启发式算法,测试通过,效果良好。
LEACHaTEEN.rar - performance of TEEN Vs LEACH protocol in wireless sensor network. code is return in MATLAB and simulated successfully. also result are improved than conventional LEACH protocol in wsn.
Localization.rar - WSN中常用的定位算法,包括RSSI,dv-hop等,可以自动配置参数,生成定位图形,以及定位误差等
wsn--Localization-algorithm-program.rar - 研究基于距离无关的无线传感器网络定位技术,质心定位算法的matlab 程序。
kalman-algorithm-of-WSN-tracking.rar - 基于卡尔曼滤波的无线传感网络目标跟踪算法,包括卡尔曼、扩展卡尔曼、无迹卡尔曼
wsn-location.rar - 无线传感器网络定位算法 matlab源代码 包含七个算法
22355981wsn_matlab2.rar - wsn wit mat lab code - wsn target tracking using matlab error model - 无线传感网络(Wireless Sensor network,WSN)生成节点 - 用MATLAB对WSN数据传递进行简单动画演示,对理解WSN有重要参考
wsn.rar - 一种传感器网络的节点部署算法的伪代码 初学者,只供参考
Dynamic Clustering Routing .zip - Research on Dynamic Clustering Routing Considering Node Load for Wireless Sensor Networks - Routing_Meger matlab code for wsn networks
Simple Toplogy Wireless Network - Simple topology for Wireless Net MATLAB
LQ.rar - Estimating the positions of sensor nodes is a fundamental and crucial problem in ad hoc wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this paper, an accurate node localization method for WSNs is devised based on the weighted least squares technique with the use of time-of-arrival measurements. Computer simulations are included to evaluate the performance of the proposed approach by comparing with the classical multidimensional scaling method and Cram´ er-Rao lower bound.
Localization-in-Wireless-Sensor-Networks.rar - Localization in wireless sensor networks is the process of determining the geographical positions of sensors. Only some of the sensors (anchors) in the networks have prior knowledge about their geographical positions. Localization algorithms use the location information of anchors and estimates of distances between neighbouring nodes to determine the positions of the rest of the sensors.
BNT_SLP.tar.gz - 动态贝叶斯网络结构学习算法,用来检验基于BOA的DBN结构寻优体系的合理性与可行性。环境matlab 6.1以上
MFC_Black_Book.rar - MFC Black Book Introduction: Are you an MFC programmer? Good. There are two types of MFC programmers. What kind are you? The first kind are the good programmers who write programs that conform to the way MFC wants you to do things. The second bunch are wild-eyed anarchists who insist on getting things done their way. Me, I’m in the second group. If you are in the same boat (or would like to be) this book is for you. This book won’t teach you MFC—not in the traditional sense. You should pick it up with a good understanding of basic MFC programming and a desire to do things differently. This isn’t a Scribble tutorial (although I will review some fundamentals in the first chapter). You will learn how to wring every drop from your MFC programs. You’ll discover how to use, abuse, and abandon the document/view architecture. If you’ve ever wanted custom archives, you’ll find that, too.
leachC.rar - This Matlab source code is for paper LEACHC for wireless sensor networks. - boa model with matlab