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java2参考大全.rar - Book introduces the basic knowledge of Java language, through abundant examples systematically introduces the basic knowledge of Java language, Java and Java development environment, standard library and includes a Java development kit JDK 1.3 new features.
应聘Java笔试时可能出现问题及其答案.rar - Apply for the problems that Java might encounter, here are all, let's cheer together.
编程之美-1.rar - The book is a collection of about 60 algorithms and programming topics, most of which have been written in recent years, in interviews, or heated discussions by Microsoft employees. The author tries to guide readers to discover problems, analyze problems, solve problems and find better solutions from various interesting problems in books.
Java核心技术(卷1)第8版.rar - this is a classic Java book,you willl learn a lot from it.
Java核心技术(卷2)第8版.rar - a classic Java book,you will learn a lot from it.

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android_socket.rar - Android Socket通信,在两个模拟器之间通信,一个做为客户端,一个做为服务器。
workspace1.zip - 简单的c/s模式,实现客户端与服务器端实时收发数据。简单小程序。
第一行代码(第二版)源代码.zip - 郭霖的第一行代码(第二版)书籍源代码 第一行代码 第二版,被Android开发者誉为“Android学习第一书”。全书系统全面、循序渐进地介绍了Android软件开发的必备知识、经验和技巧。 《第一行代码》(第2版)基于Android 7.0对第1版进行了全面更新,将所有知识点都在最新的Android系统上进行了重新适配,使用全新的Android Studio开发工具代替之前的Eclipse,并添加了对Material Design、运行时权限、多窗口模式、Gradle、RecyclerView、百分比布局、OkHttp、Lambda表达式等全新知识点的详细讲解。 本书内容通俗易懂,由浅入深,既是Android初学者的入门必备,也是Android开发者的进阶首选。